Homeopathy Treatment For Mania – Case Study !

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In this article we will discuss a case of insanity ( mania ), how the medicine was chosen for the patient and the medicine was successful.

Sir Kent, a very great homeopath, was a supporter of higher potency. In a couple of cases I myself gave single dose of high potency 10M to some patients with mental depression and after few days they got better. His mindset improved a lot. It seemed to me that a higher potency, going deep into the mind, removes suffering. The patient forgets his sorrow and becomes happy.

I will discuss here a case where a patient was suffering from post infectious chronic psychosis for 15 years. Name Devendra Sharma, age is about 42 years. There were occasional shouting attacks. The people of the street used to gather at his house at the sound of screaming. Patient is a music teacher with good behavior. He used to dance and sing while on tour. He used to talk about religion. He used to pray to God, composed poetry. I noted symptoms such as religious mania and verbosity. He had brain fever 15 years ago, since then he went crazy. Not always mad. Occasionally had seizures.

I made a totality of symptoms. The three medicines that came out were :-

Belladonna, Hyoscyamus and Stramonium

I got sweaty in choosing any one of these three. When I saw the verbosity, I added Lachesis. Seeing the symptoms of anger, also added Veratrum Album. Then I picked up Materia Medica. Belladonna was rejected because it was not religious nonsense. Hyoscyamus was rejected because the sexuality in the patient was not vulgar and there was very little sexual nonsense in it. Belladonna withdrew and Hyoscyamus also went on speaking terms. Now all three of the remaining Lachesis, Stramonium, Veratrum albums contain religious madness. When I went deep into the Materia Medica, I saw that making poems, singing songs and religion related mania was in Stramonium. Here the Veratrum Album and Lachesis were also in the running. Religious mania was in all three.

Veratrum was removed when we saw the loquacity. Now left are Lachesis and Stramonium. Dancing, singing, shouting, scolding and praying were not in Lachesis. The patient used to talk continuously. He was even chatting for six hours. When I came to know about this, it came on Stramonium. Maybe Lachesis doesn’t have continuous long-hour verbosity. A wonderful symptom that the patient told me when he was behaving well was that he had grown very tall, up to the sky. The sky has turned saffron. Wife is small. Just then what was clearly described in the Materia Medica, the patient considers himself twice as tall. This Dilution is in the Stramonium.

Kent Repertory also mentioned Stramonium on the same symptom and after hard work I gave Stramonium 10M single dose 2 drops in little water. Today after 3 months the patient’s visits have stopped. The colony continues as before. Along with this, he also eats allopathic medicine running from Psychiatric.

It was a case of amazing insanity that is on the verge of recovery. The seizures that MD Psychiatric was not able to stop for 15 years were seen to be miracles with homeopathy, some people say that no it is not due to homeopathy, it is due to allopathy medicine, but if allopathy does, then seizures which were happening for 15 years they would have already closed. Well, they are their own opinion, but there are many such cases where allopathy has been ineffective, where homeopathy has started its effect. Hope you liked my article, if you like it then do share the article. Thank you

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