Homeopathic Medicine For Bad Physical Effects Of Abortion


Homeopathic Medicine Physical/Emotional Effects Of Abortion

Arsenicum alb., Natrium mur. (Twice a day) : Try either of the remedies when the patient has a feeling of guilt having aborted.

China off. 30c (Thrice a day) : For weakness due to excessive bleeding.

Kalium carb. 30c (Thrice a day) : Removes weakness remaining after labor or miscarriage.

Nux vomica 30 (Thrice a day) : Hemorrhage after abortion with sensation as if bowels wanted to move.

Pulsatilla nig. Q (Thrice a day) : It expedites expulsion of the fetus. 10-15 drops in 1/2 cup of water is sufficient to produce the expulsion.

Pyrogenium 200 (One dose only) : When there is fever and a danger of septicemia.

Sabina 30 (Thrice a day) : Pain in the lower back and genitals.

Sepia 30 (Thrice a day) : Use it when the placenta has not been expelled or has been expelled partially.

Thuja occ. 1M, Psorinum 1M (One dose only) : If there is a danger of illness after the miscarriage try either of the remedies according to the symptoms.

Trillium pend. Q : Give 5 drop doses every two hours if the bleeding prolongs in case of an induced abortion.

NOTE: Women having history of high blood pressure or a history of heart disease should not take treatment for abortion.

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