Mental Symptoms Of Coffea Cruda Homeopathic Medicine

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It comes under Sycotic Miasm. The individuals of Coffea Cruda are hardworking, productive and creative and work for the benefit of others, so that they are respected in the society and they do not let themselves feel isolated from them.

The Coffea person feels that he will be accepted by others if he is altruistic, so he does good things for other people. He would sit awake at night, working and thinking. He feels as if he is feeling alone and completely isolated. He sees his future uncertain, so he becomes hardworking, creative, planning.

It is all mental and physical activity, characteristic of Coffea, not for its success or failure, but out of it the desire to do something good for others, so that it is accepted by the group, society, family. He is very conscientious and he regrets a lot if anything goes wrong.

Aircraft crew and surgeon doctors drink too much coffee because they need to be alert to avoid any mistakes and the resulting remorse. Also, people who need to be creative also consume more coffee such as artists, writers, filmmakers etc. Let me explain here that those who drink more coffee are not patients of coffea, drinking more coffee reduces the curative properties of coffea to some extent.

The Coffea person works for the benefit of others and hardly expects any pity on him, he hardly feels any pleasure, he just wants society not to isolate him, he fears and then if one suddenly gets happiness such as if someone appreciates him for his work, or does some action on him, shows kindness – he cannot take it – he starts crying with joy, cannot sleep at night with joy.

The thinking power of a Coffea patient becomes very intense. If any thought comes in the mind or any work has to be done, he rushes to do it, he starts thinking about it so much that he gets lost in it and keeps on thinking. He swirls around thoughts. If the patient of Coffea is a businessman, then he goes on making business plans, even these thoughts do not sleep at night. His mental consciousness remains agitated. Every sense in his body gets excited. He starts hearing distant voices. Somewhere in the night, the bell is ringing, the dogs are barking, everything is heard by him. The sound of even the slightest door opening wakes him up from sleep. One, there is always the problem of sleep, even if one gets some sleep, he gets up even with the slightest sound.

All disorders of mental arousal are found in coffea. The slightest noise aggravates his troubles. The opening of the door, the ringing of the bell, the running of the children, the sound of someone’s feet – which do not even go unnoticed by a healthy person, those sounds disturb the patient of Coffea. There is no other medicine in Materia Medica in which hearing the sound increases the pain so much. Any pain in the body of this patient is aggravated by the sound. This is a symptom in nux vomica, but the increase in pain in the hands and feet with voice also occurs in Coffea. Keep in mind – If the sense of ear is so excited that it cannot tolerate any kind of word or noise, then understand that the patient needs to be given Coffea.

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