Dr Reckeweg R1 Drops For Inflammation, Fever And Tonsils


Reckeweg R1 is a very useful medicine for problems like swelling up of any body parts, any kind of swelling which is old, parts where you catch cold, fever due to swelling and Tonsils or swelling in throat. It is also known as ‘Inflammation Drops’. It is effective especially in all kind of tonsils and swelling, in fever, swelling in ear or Inflammation and Conjunctivitis.

Components of Reckeweg R1

Apis Mellifica – It is effective if there is Protuberance in any part of the body from left to right, swelling in Kidney, Eyes, Throat etc.

Barium Chloratum – It is useful when children’s are having tonsils from a long time, swelling in the throat, the voice is always cracking and there is Mucous in throat.

Belladonna – It is useful when you have swelling and high fever, Toxicum and burning sensation.

Calcium Jodatum – When you have Tonsil from a long time and swelling in throat then this medicine is useful.

Hepar Sulphur – It is useful in curing Cold, Conjunctivitis, Ripeness in Ear due to infection, Protuberance, Rotten smell like Pus coming out and Boils.

Kali Bichromicum – It is useful when there is any kind of sticky, yellow, Tacky secretion comes out of the Mucosal-Membrane, when there is any kind of wound and swelling in Tongue, Mouth or Syphilis.

Marum verum : It is useful in Pharyngeal Tonsil and old Coryza.

Mercurius sublimatus corrosivus It is useful in Ripeness of the throat and swelling of Pharyngeal Tonsil.

Phytolacca – It works the best when the Glands swell up and the Tonsils Ripe.

Dosage of Reckeweg R1

During intense Infection and fever you need to take 10-15 drops of Reckeweg R1 in half cup of water with a gap of half an hour.

During swelling in throat due to Tonsils, pain and burn in throat you need to take 10-15 drops of this medicine in half a cup of water for 3 times a day.

For Chronic Inflammations take 10-15 drops, 2-3 times a day. For Tonsils in children, Inflammation in throat, swelling in Buboes take 5-8 drops for three times a day.

Ask A Doctor

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