Reckeweg R7 Liver And Gall Bladder Drops


Reckeweg R7 is also known as Liver and Gall Bladder drops. This medicine is very effective for Liver and gall bladder related problems. It is available in 22 ML bottle and you will find it in any of the homeopathic store.

It is very useful for liver. It is also effective when your liver is swelled up, during Hepatitis, Jaundice, if there is any kind of knot in the liver, problem in the liver due to consumption of more alcohol etc.

If there is any problem in your gall bladder or a stone is formed in your gall bladder then you can take this medicine as the medicines mixed in Reckeweg R7 helps in removing the stone.

Let us have a look on the components of Reckeweg R7. The components are: Carduus marianus D2, Chelidonium D2, Cholesterinum D6, Colocynthis D6, Lycopodium D4, Nux vomica D4 and China D3.

The medicines mixed in Reckeweg R7 has its own uses and benefits which is important for us to know. Let us learn about it below:

Carduus Marianus โ€“ When you consume more fat foods and suffer from fatty liver problems or there is any kind of swelling in the liver then this medicine is very effective.

Chelidonium โ€“ This medicine is useful during Jaundice and Gall Bladder stone.

China โ€“ This medicine is very important as it was the start of homeopathy. It is very useful for our liver, gall bladder and stomach. If you have weakness in your body due to loose motion then this medicine works as a wonder.

Colocynthis โ€“ If you have severe stomach ache and cramps then you can take this medicine in 30 potency.

Lycopodium โ€“ It is useful for liver and any kind of gastric problems.

Nux Vomica โ€“ Other than liver and gall bladder problems, if you have constipation problem then this medicine is very useful. It is advisable to use this medicine when the stomach related problems increases during night.

Cholesterinum โ€“ This medicine is effective in removing the stones from gall bladder if the stone size is less than 20 MM.

Ethanol โ€“ This medicine removes the impurity of liver and gall bladder.

Doses of Reckeweg R7

You need to take 10-15 drops of Reckeweg R7 in half a cup of water, half an hour before meal. In case, it does not show its effect in a week, then take 10-15 drops of this medicine in half a cup of water for 6 times a day. When you start feeling better then lower the dosage and take the same amount for three times a day.

Ask A Doctor

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