Reckeweg R8 And R9 [ German Homeopathic Cough Syrup And Cough Drops ]


Reckeweg R8 is also known as ‘Cough Syrup’ and Reckeweg R9 is also known as ‘Cough Drops’. We will talk about the benefits of Reckeweg R8 and Reckeweg R9. Both the medicines are beneficial for cough and the components are also similar.

Let us first have a look on the components of Reckeweg R8 and Reckeweg R9. The components are: Ammonium causticum D2, Belladonna D2, Bryonia D2, Chamomilla D2, Coccus Cacti D5, Corallium rubrum D10, Cuprum aceticum D10, Drosera rotundifolia D2, Ipecacuanha D3, Thymus vulgaris D2, Saccharum Album and Saccharum Tostum.

The medicines available in Reckeweg R8 and Reckeweg R9 has its own uses and benefits which is important for us to know. Let us see it below:

Ammonium Causticum โ€“ It is useful when you feel scratchy or pain in your throat along with mucus and also have cough.

Belladonna โ€“ We use this medicine during cough and common cold, dry cough and whooping cough.

Bryonia โ€“ This medicine is effective when you have the problem of dry cough from a long time and also your chest remains heavy.

Chamomilla โ€“ This medicine is useful when there is an irritation due to dry cough and it keeps increasing during night.

Coccus Cacti โ€“ You can take this medicine when mucus comes out during coughing.

Corallium Rubrum โ€“ When you feel that you cannot breathe and also feel restless while coughing then this medicine is very effective.

Cuprum Aceticum โ€“ This medicine is effective when you have mucus formed along with cough, have roughness in your throat, you feel restless and cannot breathe while coughing.

Drosera Rotundifolia โ€“ It is effective when you feel scratchy in your throat while coughing, you cannot breathe and your face turns blue in colour while coughing.

Ipecacuanha โ€“ If you feel like vomiting during coughing then this medicine stops the feeling of vomit.

Spongia Tosta โ€“ It is useful when you feel that there is a mucus stuck in your throat which irritates you and also when this problem increases during night.

Thymus Vulgaris โ€“ This medicine helps in taking out the mucus from your throat.

Doses of Reckeweg R8/R9

If you are coughing more then take 1 spoon of Reckeweg R8 in every 2-3 hours. You need to take 15 drops of Reckeweg R9 after 15 minutes of taking Reckeweg R8, in half a cup of water. You will soon get a relief from cough if you consume these medicines as prescribed. As soon as you get a relief, start taking this medicine for three times a day. It works as a wonder if you are suffering from cough from a long time.

Reckeweg R8 is available in 150 ML bottle and costs 407 INR. Reckeweg R9 is available in 22 ML bottle and costs 220 INR.

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