SBL Alfalfa Malt Benefits, Uses, Price, Dosage And Side Effect

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Properties of SBL Alfalfa Malt

  • What form is available – Syrup
  • Weight – 300 (grams)
  • Dimensions – 6 (cm) x 6 (cm) x 10 (cm)
  • Price – 180 rupees (250g)

Uses and information of SBL Alfalfa Malt

SBL Alfalfa Malt provides all the necessary nutrients to growing children, old people and vulnerable people. It also increases the iron content in the blood and thus helps patients with anemia. Mother tinctures of Alfalfa, Avena sativa and Ginseng have been specially featured in the SBL Alfalfa Malt. Alfalfa and Avena sativa provide essential minerals and vitamins while Ginseng increases immunity to fight infections, increases mental and body weakness. Increases appetite and helps in weight gain.

Let us understand the medicines added in SBL Alfalfa Malt: –

Alfalfa Q: Alfalfa affects nutrition, meaning “toning” that increases hunger and digestive power resulting in a substantial improvement in mental and physical strength with an increase in weight. Also enhances the quality and quantity of milk in mothers.

Avena Sativa Q: It is made from oats and is a reinforcing medicine. Fixes the problem of air filling in the stomach. It is best for tiredness, alleviates weakness and sleep problems after exhaustion. The nutrient of the food is transported in the body.

Ginseng Q: Beneficial in back pain, weakness, stiffness of joints, headache. This drug increases immunity power.

China Q: Tiredness, weakness, weakness due to sweating, slow digestion power, improves the problem of loss of appetite.

Hydrastis Can Q: Strengthens muscles, strengthens digestive power, relieves fatigue, cures neck muscle pain, relieves constipation problem.

Kali Phos 3x: It improves the nervous system. Removes mental exhaustion. Increases mental impairment, sleep problems and memory power. Also improves sleep problem.

Kali Ars 6x: It is effective medicine to cure all types of skin diseases.

Ferrum aceticum 4x: Fixes the problem of constant shivering, weakness, fatigue, leanness throughout the body.

Calcarea Phos 3x: It is mainly used in the development of teeth and bones. This drug also helps in increasing the height of children. Protein deficiency also works well in the problem of physical growth and headache of school children.

Dosage for SBL Alfalfa Malt

  • Drink 1 teaspoon of this medicine 2 times a day.
  • For pregnant and lactating women – 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.
  • Children: 1 teaspoon is to be taken 2 to 3 times daily.

Precautions to be taken while taking SBL Alfalfa Malt

  • Take the medicine half an hour before or after the meal.
  • Pregnant women must consult their doctor before consuming the medicine.

Terms and conditions

Homeopathic products have many uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending on conditions. SBL Alfalfa Malt is mainly used for weight gain, appetite enhancement, stomach problems. Be sure to consult your doctor before using the medicine.

Ask A Doctor

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