SBL Borax Dilution Benefits, Uses And Its Side Effects


Borax is used to cure different types of diseases, mainly diseases related to epilepsy and children related symptoms. This medicine is also used to cure intestinal diseases, salivation, nausea, vomiting, gastroenteritis symptoms, loose motions, stomach ache, eye diseases, delirium, albuminuria, collapse and skin eruptions.

This drug is very effective in kid’s symptoms, mainly during dentition, it eases the pain. There are times when the child is scared of height and also surrounded by fear, Borax puts an end to the fear. This medicine is also best for kids who sleep excessively and suddenly wakes up and cries. The medicine also heals the child’s fear of slow sound. Children get fast relief from these symptoms.

Mind and head related symptoms

The patient gets very impatient and feels like throwing objects in the air and then catches it again. The patient also gets very impatient while walking up and down which is almost an everyday activity. He gets very scared and nervous and tries to catch something with his hands. Borax is very useful for patients who are suffering. This medicine is also effective for nausea and giddiness, mainly while doing work related to mental pressure. Borax is very useful in headache, trembling of the body, solves hair problems and cures louses.

Eyes and ears symptoms

The person feels bright waves hitting the eyes, a sense that the eyelids have cut a burning feeling of the eyelids, heaviness of eyes and swelling in the eye corners. Right after getting up from sleep in the morning, dirt accumulates in the eyes; Borax offers fast relief from such symptoms.

This medicine cures problems with hearing when the patient hears slow sound as a very loud one. Sometimes the patient also suffers from acute tinnitus which is caused by hearing very loud sound. Borax is very effective in curing such symptoms

Symptoms of nose, face and mouth

The patient suffers from redness of nose, swelling on top of the nose, wounds on the nose and dry layers on the nose.

Borax is good for curing yellowness of face, pimples mainly on the nose, pimples on the lips, the patient looks very sick and he turns into dusty color.

Borax efficiently cures blisters in the mouth, a white mildew like feeling in mouth, mouth warmth, boils in the gums and bleeding gums, pain in mouth while eating food and bleeding from blisters. This medicine can be used if baby cries for suckling (breastfeeding).

Borax offers very fast relief from all these symptoms of the nose, face and mouth.

Sleep related problems

The patient gets sexual dreams while sleeping and he feels too much warmth in his head which ruins his sleep. He feels lot of warmth in the whole body and suddenly wakes up in the bed crying and the patient is definitely surrounded by fear and debility. This medicine can put an end to nightmares and sexual dreams.

Stomach and stool related problems

The patient feels that the stomach has bloated after eating food and also wishes to vomit. Borax is also very useful in stomach pain that is caused by female diseases and loose motions as well.

Borax must be given to children in case of loose motions with offensive smell. Before discharging his motion, the child also feels acute stomach pain and also greasy motion.

Skin related symptoms

It’s the best medicine to cure skin problems, mainly itching, dirtiness of skin with lot of smelly perspiration, erysipelas of the face, swelling of skin after rubbing the hands lightly on the skin, eruptions on the fingers, stinging pain, burning sensation of the skin, cracked heels, skin diseases caused by the internal problems of the skin. Borax puts an end to skin issues and entangling of the skin.

Urinary problems

It’s effective for symptoms when the child suffers from Diabetes mellitus, urinates again and again and also cries while urinating. The urine discharged is very hot, give Borax. This medicine is also effective for small eruptions and red painful blisters on the testicles.

Gynecological problems

Borax given to pregnant women relieves from pains during pregnancy and also heals too much belching. In case there is excessive flow of milk from the breasts; Borax can be given to reduce the flow. This medicine also helps to heal pain in another nipple while the baby is feeding on one. It cures excessive menstrual flow, sterility, swelling in vagina, itching in the vagina and eczema. This medicine increases the chances of conceiving.

Respiratory symptoms

Borax is used in cough, mainly cough with offensive smell, dirty discharge of cough, bad breath, pain in the lung membranes, difficulty in breathing, pain in ribs while breathing and trouble with breathing while lying down.


The symptoms are aggravated by smoking, noisy atmosphere, staying in hot room, during menstrual secretions and in the summers. The patient feels a sense of relief if the affected part is pressed and during the winters and in the evening when heat subsides.


You can compare Borax to drugs like Bryonia, Sulphuricum acidum and Sanicula. Coffee and chamomile are used to remove the ill-effects of this drug.


You should take 1-3 potency of Borax and if taken continuously, it cures skin diseases and if you wash the vagina externally using Borax lotion, its cures vaginal itching.

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