B&T COOL TALC [ Homeopathic Powder For Prickly Heat ]


We usually use cool talcum powders for Prickly Heat during summers available in the market with different freshness. This powders do not cure the miliaria but gives you relief for the time being. Prickly Heat is a common issue for people in summer especially for those who roam about more during daylight. In this post, we will talk about homeopathic powder which cures prickly heat forever.

We all have read biology and are aware that we have a sweat gland which is a part of our skin and its function is to produce sweat in our body. Now you must be thinking that in relation to the sweat gland how prickly heat occurs in our body. I would like to explain you that due to excess sweat in the body the openings of sweat gland gets jammed and the sweat fills up the gland instead of coming out. It is then that small red granule is seen which is called prickly heat or miliaria (Sweat Rash).

Sweat Rash occurs usually in neck, stomach or back of your body and is very common in children’s. As mentioned in the 1st paragraph that in order to get rid of rashes we use several cold powders (dermi cool powder), soaps (cinthol cool) etc.

However, you just get a relief from it for time being as these are normal powders and soaps. But the homeopathic powders we are going to talk about consists of medicines which cures it completely rather than giving temporary relief.

B&T COOL TALC – This powder consists of many medicines which is mentioned below and we will learn about all one by one. The medicines mixed in this powder helps to provide you coolness and also effective for sweat rashes.

Azadirachta Indica – It is also called as ‘Neem’. This stops the growth of fungal and bacterial infection in our skin.

Calendula – This medicine is used as an Antiseptic in homeopathy. It is used for any kind of cuts, or burns in skin.

Ocimum Sanctum – This medicine is also known as ‘Tulsi’. This provides coolness to your body and it stops from the rashes being formed.

Berberis Aquifolium – This medicine is a kind of blood purifier. It cures the rashes and its spots on the skin.

Echinacea Angustifolia – It stops the infection in the skin which takes place due to the rashes.

Mentha piperita – It provides coolness to the rashes.

If you do not want the rashes to happen then it is advisable to use this powder whenever you go out in sunlight in your neck, chest and upper back of your body. Use this powder for 3-4 times a day on the places you have rashes. This powder saves you from Prickly Heat. Along with this powder, you must take 2 drops of Aconite 30 in your tongue for three times a day. For children, give 1 drop of Aconite 30, three times a day. If you rashes give you a burning feeling then take 2 drops of Apis Mel 30, three times a day.

B&T Cool Talc powder is only for external use and keep reach out of children.

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