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Conjunctivitis: Eye’s pain or conjunctivitis is a transferable disease. The main cause of this disease is bacteria, fungi or viruses. In this problem the white part of the eye (retina), the inner surface of the eyelids and thin transparent membrane becomes red. Normally this disease is not dangerous but if not treated properly can have an effect on eye sight.


This problem starts with itching in one or both eyes, eyes are red and swollen eyelids, initially water flows from the eyes. It can also lead to discharge or crusting around the eyes. It becomes impossible to open eyes and patient can’t tolerate the light. An improper treatment results into boil formation in the pupil of the eye and eye’s pupil gets bloated. It may also destroy the eye- sight forever.

How the disease spreads: This disease spreads when you use contaminated hands or fingers on eyes, using unhygienic towel, handkerchiefs etc. and also from using other contaminated things. Houseflies also spread this disease from one patient to another. This disease also spreads from dust, smoke, bathing in dirty water, using mascara of contaminated person or applying mascara on one or more children using same finger.

Prevention- The best way to prevent this disease is stay clean, precautions regarding cleaning and keeps your neighborhood clean. Patient’s day-to-day used handkerchief and fabrics should not be mixed with other cleaned cloths until not cleaned well, keep avoiding crowds or stay away from the hustle and bustle. Do not put mascara on the eyes; wash your eyes with clean and cold water.

Similar to conjunctivitis, there is also another eye disease. There are rashes on the inner surface of the eyelids and eyes start paining. This disease is also a transferable disease and found mostly in small children. Prevention is same like you did in conjunctivitis.

Homeopathic Treatment of Eye’s disease-

Apis Mel : Swelling of eyelids, eyes are red, filled with water, irritation on outside area, feels like stung by an animal (bee) conjunctiva light red, swelling, formation of mucous, burning mucous,  significantly increased sensitivity to light, inability to keep eye open, a pupil that does not respond to light, swelling in cornea, filling of water in conjunctiva that results in swelling, formation of sty, more problem during hot weather, irritation while touching and feel relaxed when you use cold water or in open and fresh air etc based on these symptoms you can take this medicine of power 30 for 2-3 days.

Argentum Nitricum : Swelling in internal canthus of eye, red eye, appearance of spots in front of eyes, visibility not clear, visibility problem in light when in a warm room, excessive irritation in the eyes, discharge of mucous, swelling of conjunctiva, eye sores at the edges of the eyelids, inflammation, problem of low visibility due to sewing or embroidery more irritation in a warm room or in summer, feels like pain after injury, feel comfortable after closing or pressing eyes, Eye muscles become weak, formation of sty, formation of wound on cornea etc, based on these symptoms you can take this medicine of power 30 for best result.

Belladonna: Feels irritation inside the eyes on lying down, pupil stretches, swelling in eyes, Feels like eyes will come out, red conjunctiva, dryness, inflammation, prick in the eyes, unnecessary growth of eyes towards outside, Feels like half-closed and half-open eyes, swelling of eyelids, more irritation when you touch etc. Based on these symptoms you can take Belladonna of power 30 and 200, regularly for 2-3 days

Euphrasia: Swelling in conjunctiva, inflammation, red eye, discharge of thick fluid, that stick to face and for that reason inflammation and irritation also starts on your face. Apart from that water also discharge from your nose (Cold) but not sticky and irritating. Inflammation and swelling of eyelids, frequent opening and closing of eyelids, heaviness in your eyes, dizziness, feel like small boil formation on cornea, irritation from light in warm weather, feels good in dark, etc Based on these symptoms you can take 2-3 dose of this medicine of power 6,30 for 2-3 days. Apart from this you can use 1 drop of this medicine (tincture) available in market for eyes for 1-2 days morning-noon-night. You will get relief.

Formation of sty in Eye: When there is regular formation of sty then Staphysagria is the best medicine. Use this medicine of power 30. Facing this problem from many days, take 3 dose of power 200 once in a week. Taking this medicine for one month will solve your problem. If sty transfers from one eye to another regularly and there is discharge of yellowish green thick fluid then take Pulsatilla 30 for 2-3 days. After that take 3 dose of this medicine of power 200 and stop taking medicine, will suits you. According to symptoms Sulphur based medicines can also be advisable.

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  1. arvind khanna says

    kya homeopathic se chasme ka no kam ho skata hai .
    y chasma uter sakta hai. mai computer ka jayada istemal
    karta hon to kuch samay me mere ankhon me problem suru ho jati hi light ki vajah se.vase mujhe ab chasma bhi lag gya hai mer no dor ka .75 aur najdik ka 1.75.
    so ky ye possible ki no kam ho ske.
    arvind kumar

  2. mohd ayub says

    sir dry eye problam pl drop and gel or medecen teatment.

    1. mohd ayub says

      mohd ayub
      May 17, 2017 at 1:14 am · Edit
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      sir dry eye problam pl drop and gel or medecen teatment.

      1. Dr G.P.Singh says

        You should write about yourself. Your nature like anger, fear, your height,age, colour etc. You may start taking medicine with sulpher 200 at an interval of 7 days, and Euphratia 30 once daily.

    2. Dr G.P.Singh says

      You should write about yourself. Your nature like anger, fear, your height,age, colour etc. You may start taking medicine with sulpher 200 at an interval of 7 days, and Euphrasia 30 daily once.

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