Flatulence Homeopathic Treatment


When the food not be digested in stomach due to not mixing of bill juice properly food particles remains undigested and begins to emit gas after laps of time in intestine and accumulation of gas creates problems like Headache, cholera, diarrhea, dyspepsia, stomach pen, vertigo, vomiting, heart burn and flatulence. This arises due to excess eating, unnatural eating, drinking less quantity of water, old constipation, lack of physical labors. This can be controlled by changing food habit or applying treatment with homeopathic medicines.

  • Asafoetida 30,200:- Excess accumulation of gas/flatulence in stomach which causes excessive abdominal distension, sensation as if everything will burst through mouth. It always try to go upward causes belching of wind, fetid discharge and rancid taste of mouth. Main symptoms of this are Gas always tends upward and frequent eructation produces pain on naval portion.
  • Raphanus Sativus 6, 30:- Made of Radish. Excess accumulation of gas in stomach, frequent eructation, inclination to vomit, regurgitation of acid. Frothy and copious evacuation ejected violently.
  • Carvo veg 30:- Widely used in gastric and flatulence. There is distention of upper portion of abdomen. Main character of this medicine is blackish or brownish spot on body or tongue. Patient want to be fanned regularly even in cold.
  • Lycopodium 30,200 :- It acts mainly on right side of the body. Indignation due to malfunctioning of lever, not sufficient secretion of bill juice is the cause of gas then certainly it will be cured by this medicine. This is for cold nurtured persons in whom gas accumulates in lower portion of the belly. Falling of hair with crusty scalp eruption. Dislike of eating bread and deficiency of vital heat.
  • China 30 :- Gas accumulates in whole abdomen near about navel and eructation causes relaxation. Excess loss of blood and any other vitality, thin discharge of stool, malarial character and body, legs and hands are very cold.
  • Stannum 30 :-Sour eructation especially in women. Prolapses of uterus. Sputa sweet .Tendency to sleep during day. Frequent yawning.

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