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Ladies, gents, child’s, young and old all wants fair and glowing skin. Fair, shining and glowing facial skin is god gift by birth or hereditary. Sharp sun light, more sweating, wandering in dusty and smoky atmosphere creates blackish spot and pimples causing damage to the fairness. We should maintain healthy living and healthy food habits. For better facial appearance some tips are given below-

(1)   Have green and leafy foods in your diet.

(2)   Drink 5 liters of water daily.

(3)   Avoid junk food.

(4)   Have your stomach clean, free from constipation and taking fibrous diet tips.

(5)   Take 8 hourly complete sleeps.

(6)   Avoid fearful and horrible circumstances.

(7)   Try to live in smiling and tension less conditions.

(8)   Avoid moving and wandering in intense sun light.

(9)   Take bath with look- man water rubbing gently with soft and less calcareous soap.

Take Regular massage on your face, neck, hand and other parts of body.

Have gentle wash and rubbing four times a day and especially after coming from outhouse.

All fairness creams are not good for your skin because PH value of facial skin is different from PH value of skins of general body and head. You are suggested to use homeopathic medicines as follows to take orally which will improve your vitality and glow of your face and create charming appearance.

(1)   Arsenic Alb -3, 6 :- Desquamation of the skin. Dry as parchment, cold and bluish spot on skin, violent burning and itching chiefly in head, face and neck. Eruption of small red etching pimples, black blisters, pustules filled with pus, raised and hard edges surrounded by red and shining crown, bottom lard, blackish or blue. Ulcers in the form of warts, chilblains and discoloration of nails are cured by regular implementation of the medicine, as the subject is fearful, thrust less, burning, and easily afraid and tearful.

(2)   Lachesis -1M:-  Dark bluish red patch on left side of nose and cheeks generally at noon or after wine, blue circle around eyes, small red veins in cheeks, lower jaw swollen, military eruption and pimples on face, lips dry and swollen,  pimples on lips, weakness and paralysis of lower jaw are some main spots can be cured by application of the medicine fortnightly.

(3)   Podophyllum – 30 :- Hot, flushed cheeks, sallow complexion of skin, scabs on arms and legs, pustules slow in healing, Cold clammy skin. If skin of ladies faces changes due to irregular monthly discharge then this medicine can be introduced. 

(4)   Rhustox – 200 :- Any type of excretion arising  after saving by barber  is treated by rhustox. Exanthema on face, on chin, cheeks, mouth, nose, forehead causing much burning itching. Itching over whole body chiefly in hair parts. Hardness of skin with thickening.

(5)   Sarsa parilla- 200:-  Useful in old age when black and blue spots appear on the backs of the hand and elsewhere. Pain in the end of urination. Sandy deposit in urine.

Skin Treatment for black ladies:-  If the skin and hair both of  a  lady is very black then give Iodum-1x  one time daily in night up to 7 days and then stop taking the medicine. After that create a lotion and then apply upon the bod

Berberis Aquifolium, Zincum Oxydatum, Calendula Officinalis, Olium Santal – Have Q potency in equal quantity to all   medicines written above and mix them with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and make it as a ointment and apply every day before bath on whole skin of body rubbing firmly with presser.  Firstly skin becomes more blackish and after that glow and fairness appears slowly. It is essential to use this lotion regularly. Chewing aniseed (Saunph) daily three or four times a day is beneficial. Mix powdered Multani mitti and Turmeric in un boiled milk and apply on skin and wash after half an hour. You will get glow after applying some nights regularly.

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