Hepatitis Treatment In Homeopathy


Hepatitis is usually caused by infected water, food and drinks. From its infection and until symptoms of this disease, appears in 20 to 40 days.

Hepatitis B

This disease is found in drug addict people and people who get infected blood during blood transfusions. Infection and symptoms of this disease appears in 1 to 6 months.

Allopathy: B-complex, Liv-52, easy and digestible food.  Literally there is no treatment in allopath only nature does its work. Some furious hepatic failure cases are fatal.

Homeopathy: I have treated several medium levels of Hepatitis-A cases through homeopathy in which bilirubin level was 18 mg.

  1. Therapy starts with Sulphur 200 in morning one time only . Other day take Bryonia 30, china 6, and Chelidonium 30 in a cyclic manner.
  2. In acute cases Chionanthus Q + Carduus M. Q(1 : 1) 5-8 drops in regular time interval of 2-4 hours. This treatment is beneficial in jaundice caused by alcohol.
  3. Acute jaundice in the last stage of cancer, chronic illness, stomatitis with thrush, symptoms of hypochondria, Hydrastis 30and Chionanthus Q is very beneficial.
  4. Jaundice in new born babies : new born (within one month) and above then one month infants whose mothers were fed hot-heavy food and dry fruits – podophyllinum and Pulsatilla-6 is beneficial.

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