Home Remedies For Malaria


Reason – Ayurveda says malaria fever is a rough fever. It is transmitted by mosquitoes. But if person is suffering with ordinary fever and take rotten food then stomach heat increases and person can gets malaria. This disease can appear in any season, but it is higher in the rainy season because in this time digestion is weak.

Symptoms -In this disease body feel cold. So patient always have a fever with cold and body shivers. The patient gets relief on hot dressing and covering with blanket. Body aches, discomfort and anxiety remains, no interest for food, no hunger, and redness in the eyes, etc. are common symptoms of the disease. After sweating it descends disease.

Home Treatment – (1) Grind the leaves of basil and mix with honey. Then lick it at morning and evening.

(2) – Powder of seedlings of neem with honey.

Focus on food and drink – malaria patient should have to eat thin or liquid diet like milk, tea etc. In Fruit sapota, papaya, fig, apple, plum, etc. should be taken. Dry grapes and raisins, warmed on pan, with salt should be eaten.

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