Homeopathic Medicine For Piles


It is defined as a growth in the walls of the veins of anus. Veins expand around the anus and become swelled. External hemorrhoids are covered with skin of the anal.  Internal hemorrhoids are covered by mucosal membranes in deep inside anal.

Common causes of hemorrhoids:

  1. Acute constipation remain constant,
  2. Habit of irregular diet,
  3. Highly spicy food,
  4. Modern allopathic drugs.

Allopathic : Daflon tablets and proctosedyl or Anovet ointments.

Allopathic effect : Due to the effect of anesthesia, patient gets only temporary relief.

Daflon causes gastritis in many cases. Patient doesn’t get permanent relief from those treatments.

Surgery : Most patients feel that surgery will benefit them for a lifetime. But they are in confusion. I have seen hundreds of patients who after surgery or soon after some time have many problems, such as pain, burning, and aching.

I have seen some patients who had been operated and after that given antibiotics for some time. Because of these antibiotics there are congestions in the veins of the anus and rectum.

Inflammatory drugs create ulcers in the large intestine, rectum and mucus membranes of anus.

Long-term complications, such as narrow (stenosis) in anus etc. are common problems. It is often when disease re-attack after the operation it is because in this therapy disease can’t be cured from the root of the disease.

Homeopathy : In my experience homeopathy has never let me down, but the condition is that the patient should be determined to take control of his eating habits.

Drugs to be taken in extreme conditions are: – Aloe 30 and Nitricum Acidum 30 + Hamamelis 30

With constipation in chronic cases:  Podophyllinum + Hamamelis 30Aesculus 30 and one dose of Sulphur -200 in a week turn most cases healed.

If anal fissure (Fisher) then Collinsonia-30 and then Nux vomica-80 (if you have diarrhea).

If hemorrhoids (piles) with liver infection then often used Carduus M. Q 5 drops twice a day after meal, is very good.


Long time gastritis: 50-year-old man who was the Secretary, along with the complaint that their essence is not always clear. He felt discomfort in upper stomach and heart trouble (pressure on upper side). Air in the stomach and as well as in intestines get stuck, and his expulsion was not easy. His wife told me that after the food he became very sleepy. Throat was very dry. Gastroenterology physicians and heart specialists also found no obvious reason after all kinds of examination. Due to which he was advised to take Valium. After a while depression was reported. I gave them following treatment which shows wondrous results.

Homeopathy: Crataegus Q + Cactus Q (1 : 1) twice a day after meals. Nux Moschata 200 at night, Abies nigra-80C and Kali phos 6x three times a day.

On the contrary he was taking allopathic treatment ‘Ranitidine’ too caused him constipation. ‘Acid ‘ made heaviness in the head.

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