Homeopathic medicines for Beauty


Everyone wants to look beautiful whether it is male or female. A mole on the face resembles innocence but face full of moles resembles ugliness. Homeopathic medicine Thuja is very effective in decreasing the growth of moles. Similarly, homeopathic medicines give good results in removing marks or spots on the face.

  • In any disease like chickenpox and in generates body rash in any part of the body and there is pit in between them- take Antim Tart 30.
  • Ringworm generates in any part of the body, head, mouth or nose and face looks ugly- Telluricum 30.
  • Lips and tongue becomes black and face looks ugly- Arsenic Alb 30.
  • Eczema in mouth, nose, ears, throat, forehead and beard, boil or rash-like blisters, pus-filled rash, pointed like horn with high moles and like lotus thorns, mostly in the hands and feet- Antim Crud 6.
  • Blue or black spots are visible all over the body, then- Arnica 200 (once in a week).
  • For any reason dark or black circles around the eye- take Cina 30 for few days will remove dark circles.
  • Having eczema on the eyelids, bursting ends of eyelids and formation of boils- then take Graphites 30
  • Swelling on the upper side of eyelids Kali Carb 6, swelling on the lower side of eyelids- Apis 6, when swelling around the eyes- Phosphorus 30.
  • Sometimes eye lashes are so thick that it becomes like bone- Argentum Metallicum 200.
  • One eye increases and shrinkage in another eye, it spoil the beauty of the face- Gelsemium 30
  • Skin color turns to blue, especially the eyelids, lips, tongue and nails- Digitalis 6.
  • In removing yellow spots on the face- Colchicinum 30 or Arsenic 30.
  • White leprosy and in syphilis disease patches appears on the body like scales of fish- Ars Sulph Flavum 3x.
  • Black spots on face or any part of the body- Formica Rufa 6. Secale Cor is also beneficial.
  • Removes pigmentation on the face of women– Actaea Racemosa 30.
  • Color of body turns blue– Hydrocyanic Acid.
  • Boils formation on head, face and body together or eczema on the head- Cicuta 200.
  • Color of the face turns purple or extreme black due to sudden illness- Ailanthus 6.
  • Rough rash on the face due to cold air- Oenanthe Crocata, when color of body turns blue- Acid hydro 30 or Nitric Acid 30.
  • Removes any types of spots on the face and body due to cold air- Petroleum 30.
  • When any part of the body burns- Ferrum Phos 12x, 4 tablets with warm water- thrice a day and make powder of 15-20 tablets and mix with coconut oil. Apply this paste on the burnt area. Use this medicine for few days. It will remove spots.
  • Itching rashes or acne comes out on face due to shaving- Sulphur Iod 30
  • Itching in hand and skin of hand becomes thick as well as torn- then apply 10-12 gm of powder of Graphites 3x with Vaseline and take Graphites 30.
  • Rashes and blisters in rainy season, itching, formation of thick layer, blood discharge while itching- Dulcamara 30. If this problem develops in winter season- Petroleum 30,200. Same problem in summer season- Antim Crud 30, 200. When wound in the lower lip, torn between the lips, when the lips stay dry- Pulsatilla 30.
  • Cracks on the edge of lips and nose, cracks on various body parts- Natrum Mur 3x.
  • Swelling on the top or bottom of lip- Apis 6.
  • When skin of lip is unraveling- Conium 30 or Sepia 30.
  • Wrinkles in the body, dysfunction of mind and only bone structure is remaining– Plumbum Met 200
  • Best medicine for wound on the bone of the nose- Arum Mur or Aurum Met 30.
  • Young women with stinking breath and smell seem to be realized by the friends sitting side by side- Aurum Met 30.
  • In women if there are spots from nose to cheek and the color of the spots are yellow or brown, then surely woman is suffering from uterine disease- Sepia 200.
  • One of the main problems of young women is pimples. It also affects the face beauty- Phosphorus 30. Other medicines are – Kali Brom, Berberis Aquifolium 30.
  • Discharge of white rice like material from pimple- Kali Mur 12x, for red pimples- Calcarea Phos 3x.
  • Rheumatic or hives all over the body with itching, as well as liver disease, neck gland swells- Astacus Fluviatilis 6.
  • Development of round tumid in between forehead and eyebrow and face looks ugly- Causticum 30, but on the forehead is like dome and tight like a stone- Calcarea Fluor 12x.
  • If the size of the tumor on the shoulder firstly looks like a betel nut, then its size increases and makes unformed size of shoulder- Calcarea Phos 12x.
  • Plumpy fatty tumors in the neck, shoulders or back, also affects the beauty- Baryta Carb 30.
  • The skin of the forehead and shrunken face also affects the beauty of the face- Helleborus 6.
  • Wrinkles on the face- Sarsaparilla 30.
  • Adults look aged in young age- Acid Fluor 30.
  • Sometimes there is so fat in the human body that obesity occurs. More obesity has many physical diseases and plumpy body looks clumsy-Fucus Vesiculosus-Q.
  • After delivery some women’s waist and abdomen are very voluminous and hangs due to plumpy figure- Graphites 30
  • Crushing or injuries have worsened your fingernail and in deformed condition or broken nails is stepping out- Antim Crud 30. For deformed nails- Acid Fluor 20.
  • Toe nails start detoriating– Graphites 30
  • Cracks in fingers of hand due to cold, washing hand with cold water develops crusty wounds in the fingers, bleeding from wounds- Clematitis 6.
  • Lean slender young man or woman or child, who at an early age tend to look like aged and looks over age, start to falter in walking, body trembles, lack of ability to think and feels like forgetting something- Ambra Grisea 6.

These are some measures to enhance the beauty, but you should not think that your beauty is less than others and with this thinking you should not suffer from inferiority complex. People judge beauty from different perspective. Person should make their behavior even more beautiful. The beauty of both provides success in life.

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