Homeopathic remedies for shoulder and Arm joint pain


Sometimes unbearable pain occur at the shoulder and arm joint, that’s make hand’s movement very hard, like touching your back becomes difficult etc. Increasing of bone of joints, thickness and hardness of cartilage, decrease flexibility of arms and makes arm movement difficult. Hand folding and raising them up, hurts. In Allopathic system only physiotherapy is advisable for the disease.

With Physiotherapy If we use the homeopathic treatment as well as, cure of this disease is possible. Sensation in arm, pain, discomfort etc is symptoms of this disease. Over the time if left untreated, it can threaten for paralysis. If the disease is in the right arm, then using of the Acid Phos- 30 can cure it completely. This drug can be very beneficial.

Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Homeopathy

Sometimes on getting down from higher level or climbing up patients feel pain in muscles of knees and around its area .If pains continue to remains in right or left knee there might be corrosion in enamel of knee joint, cramp in knee, weakness of knee’s muscles or any other reasons. It makes patient feel very uncomfortable and walking is also very difficult for them. Then Symphytum 200, Silicea 200, light exercise, massaging of knee and fomentation with hot water can cure the disease almost 80%.

Homeopathic treatment in Coccyx pain

Excessive driving at two-wheel vehicle, there is always pain due to coccyx injury, and you remain restless. Ammonium Muriaticum 6, 30, 200 and Phytolacca 30 this is an effective medicine.Taking one dose of this drug ease your pain.

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