Homeopathic Remedies For Sinusitis


Bony sinuses cavities open into nasal cavities in human body. These cavities are mucous coated. Sinusitis is the result of swelling in the mucous layer.

There are four pairs of sinuses in our heads, each pair is located in each side of the head. In human anatomy it called Paranasal sinus.

A common cause of sinusitis is a common cold. Swelling in Sinus membrane occurs due to infection. The temporary congestion in small holes of sinus and blood contraction causes headaches. If the sinus gets infected, the symptoms become more severe.

Cause and symptoms of sinusitis

Cold, headaches and pain just above the eye, pain around the cheeks. Inflammation of the cheeks, sinus pain in the cheeks of the little children.

Many other causes of sinusitis are dental infections, allergies, measles, pneumonia, urban pollution, diving, swimming, quick temperature changes, chemical fumes, and faulty construction of the nasal septum (the inner curtain divider of nose) causes problem in breathing. Small holes of sinus which open in nostril can be partly or completely block due to sinus inflammation of the membranes of the nasal sinus. Initially, one or two holes are affected, but some time they all are closed together. Mucus collects inside sinus puts pressure on the walls of the sinus cause pain. This causes discomfort, fever, pain and difficulty in breathing. First thin water comes from nose. Then it becomes white or yellow and sometimes green. It reveals the stages of transition. As water discharge is caused by viral infection, the bacterium (germs) replaces it in the green-yellowish. In addition fever, feeling chills, dizziness, feeling of weakness, and other typical symptoms of sinusitis also appear.

Sinusitis is mainly of two types, acute and chronic sinusitis. Other symptoms of sinusitis are sometimes blood in the fluid that flows from nose but in very small quantities, astringent taste, smell sense is impaired, in eyes lachrymal secretion from glands increases and start false tear, swelling on the face. Due to swelling in the Maxillary sinus you can feel pain on the top of the molar teeth (more pain while eating).

Acute sinusitis patient can get enough relief from the usual measures. During cold or fever you should rest at home.  Also do not eat cold things, Cold water, ice cream, cold drinks, etc., should be avoided. To prevent the acute sinusitis attack we should avoid tobacco smoke. Smoke causes irritation in the lining of the nose and sinuses. Frequently cleaning of nose should be avoided during colds it can cause infection in sinus.

Little information about chronic sinusitis is necessary. The swelling in the sinus can stay longer. In India Many patients are suffering by it. Their noses are frequently jammed. Other symptoms are similar to acute sinusitis.

If you are not properly treated, the patient has to be disturbed for several years. So we must be careful and do not ignore minor colds.

Homeopathic Treatment of Sinusitis

Ferrum Phos: headache, red eyes, aching, frequent colds, lighter red blood mix in nasal secretions (minor). This medicine of power 12 will be useful.

Silicea: when crusting start in nose, feel dizziness while looking up, headache, more sweat on the head, eye pain, false tears due to swelling in Lachrymal glands , nasal itching, nasal bone pain, impaired olfactory, hole in nasal membrane (septum)inside the nose ,feeling difficulties to clean nose in morning , 6 – 30 power of this medicine can be advantageously.

Phosphorus: Moving nostrils (like a fan), bleeding nose during periods in women and girls, highly acute sense of smell, smelling imaginary smell of different types, common cold, nasal secretions with mild blood, nasal polyp, headache, feeling more thirsty but vomit after drinking water, climate change, and feel pain or discomfort on left side lying, lying on the right side and cold air relaxes in symptoms, this drug should be used in power 30.

Kali Bichrom: The habit of speaking from the nose in children, pain and pressure in root of baby’s nose, septum wounds, bad smell, thick nasal secretions, ropy secretion, yellow-green discharge, swelling of the Frontal sinus  , weak sense of smell, closed nose, excessive sneezing, eye pain, pain at a certain point, problems increases in morning and in hot weather. The 30 and 200 power of this drug should be usable.

  • Natrum mur is also best medicine. Take the 200 power of this if you found in similarity of symptoms.


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