Homeopathic treatment of Cancer


The microscopic structure of our body is made up of tiny bricks, known as ‘cell’. Cancer occurs when some cells in the body due to abnormal state, grows drastically.

The combination of ovary cell ‘Ovum’ and the male sperm ‘Sperm’ develops a new cell called Zygote. It divides into exactly the same cell and then after division and repartition converts from 2 to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16, 16 to 24 cells and soon millions of cells develop by the same process. Now they divide into many groups, take a specific feature and shape to do some highly specialized work that is development of bones, muscles, nervous system, lungs, heart, brain and organs. If the growth in the numbers of the cell doesn’t stop and keep going on, then abnormal, uncontrolled cell division, increasing number of abnormal cells results in undisciplined, irresponsible cells and that becomes explosive. This is known as Primary growth or lump. Indeed, this is the real cancer.

Secondary Growth: Due to explosion the tumor cells begin to proliferate around the organs and exert pressure and interrupt in the work of other organs. These tumor cells when enters into the blood vessels, they reaches to lungs, liver, bones, brain etc with the flow of blood. There seems to be development of their colonies and the result is death.  This stage is labelled as secondary tumor. In secondary stage the chance of survival is faded.

Homeopathic medicines for Cancer

  • Bone cancer Aurum Iod, Phosphorus, Symphytum
  • Breast cancer Arsenicum Iodatum, Baryta Iod, Carbo Animalis, Carcinosin, Conium, Hydrastis, Phytolacca, Album Iod.
  • Glands cancer – Hoang-Nan
  • Stomach Cancer Arsenic, Hydrastis, Ornithogalum.
  • Uterus cancer – Orum M N, Hydrastis, Carcinosin, Lapis Albus, Cadmium Sulph, Bismuth, Acetic acid.
  • Abdominal cavity cancer – Arum, Symphytum.
  • Small intestine cancer – Ruta.
  • Caecum cancer – Ornithogalum.
  • Omentum (a portion of the peritoneum membrane of the stomach) cancer – Lobelia Erinus
  • Colon cancer – Arsenic, Belladonna, Condurango, Hydrastis, Kali Bi., Kreosot, Ornithogalum.

 Useful medicines for pain relief during cancer

Condurango, Apis, Arsenic, Anthracinum, Asterias, Calcarea Acet, Carcinosin, Conium, Hydrastis, Ova Tosta, Opium, Apomorphinum etc.

Swelling can also cause cancer : In its early stage ovarian cancer glands emerges on ovary as a small painless swelling. Later there is slight hardness in it. Those who like cycling, feels that due to excess cycling there is swelling in that part. After that pain starts. Any swelling that develops in testicle and then there is a pain and these two symptoms exist for many days then it is necessary to consult doctor, but people hesitate and don’t go for checkup.

How to protect yourself from cancer

If detected in early stage, treatment is also possible by drugs to a certain extent, but in case of spreading of the disease testicle has to be removed by operation.

Even after removal of the affected testicle there is possibility that some cancer cells may left behind. To eliminate this possibility homeopathic medicine remains beneficial.

Self checkup : whether pain or not, expert advice that every adult male should go for testicles checkup once in a month in the following manner:-

Best time for checkup is after the bath. Slowly touch and move both testicles in between your hands, if you experience anytype of bulge or swelling anywhere on skin (or inner side), then consult a specialist the same day. Not necessarily that swelling is dangerous. It may also be a minor injury. There may also be a vein, but may also be a sign of danger.

Treatment : Following drugs can be used in the early stage or after operation : Fuligo Ligni, Arsenic, Thuja etc. You should use drugs under medical supervision.

Testicular cancer is common in individuals working in Chimneys. Give Fuligo Ligni to such patients in power 6 ×.

The result of more children is cancer- Although cervical cancer is found in all over the world, but the chances of catching this disease are different in different countries due to many different reasons. Though any woman may suffer from cervical cancer, but some women are more prone to it than others. Cervical cancer in any women may be more likely, if-

  • She has given birth to many children. Infertile women have less cervical cancer.
  • She doesn’t clean properly the vagina and external genitals.
  • She does not eat nutritious foods.
  • Her husband doesnot properly clean the white material deposited on top of his penis.
  • She has sexual intercourse with multiple men.
  • She started doing sex in her early age before the age of 15

When there are no symptoms in initial stage, detection of cervical cancer is very important. It can be detected by Pap Test. This is a very simple test.

When this disease spreads excessively then pain starts in abdomen, waist and legs. There is heaviness in bladder and rectum. There seems to be blockage during urinating or bowel movement or there is regular bowel movement. Swollen stomach or feet.

As early as cervical cancer is diagnosed and properly treated, the more it is likely to be recovered. In critical cervical cancer surgery uterus, uterus duct ovum, top of the vagine and the entire lymphatic ducts are to be removed, that is quite difficult and hazardous operation and should be operated by experienced specialists. In the first stage if any cancerious tissues or lymphatic glands are left, then it becomes very essential to destroy the left disease through radiation therapy, otherwise after sometime there is a risk of getting cancer again,


  • Lump on Cervix – Carbo Animalis, Iodium and Thuja.
  • When cervix becomes hard– Aurum Met, Arum Mur, Iodium, Platina, Kali Cyanat, Carbo Animalis, Conium.
  • Infection of the cervix– Arsenic, Belladonna, Merc. Corr., Nitric Acid.
  • Cervix redness– Hydrocotyle, Mitchella.
  • Swelling of the cervix– Anatherum.
  • Swelling of the cervix due to disorders of urination– Cantharis.
  • Cramps during bowel movement and swelling of the cervix– Belladonna, Ferrum Met.

Mouth Cancer or Oral Cancer In India among all cancers in males, mouth cancer outbreaks the most (25-30%), while in Western and European countries it is only 2.5 to 5%. It is because of our chewing habits or we always keep something inside the mouth like tobacco, Pan Masala, betel, betel nuts etc. The practice of such goods is very low in abroad. Oral cancer is more common in men than women.

Causes of Oral Cancer

The following elements are found helpful in making oral cancer- quid chewing, mainpuri tobacco, smoking, betel, alcohol, sharp teeth, pan masala, syphilis disease etc. People who consume these things in excess and place it in the mouth for longer time and feel joy, that place is more likely to become cancerous. Cheek cancer inside the mouth is commonly found in these people.

Secondary famous thing is tobacco, quid. It is found in the lower class people and villagers. Tobacco is used by the people with lime and they hold down tobacco below their lips. In this condition lip cancer is commonly detected.

The practice of Kapuri or mainpuri tobacco is found more in Northern India. Men or women using tobacco in this region are more likely to be affected from cancer inside the cheek.


In high society tobacco is used in the form of cigarettes and in low society as a bidi. Oral cancer is detected more in bidi smokers. Some places in South India villagers put burnt part inside the mouth for smoking that is why palate cancer is found commonly.

Betel nuts: In areca a kind of substance Arecoline is found, that is harmful for the skin inside the mouth and can lead to cancer. Earlier areca, lime etc are used only with betel but now also used in pan masala.

Alcohol: In alcoholaic people throat or food pipe cancer is more common but oral cancer is also mostly found. Liver cancer is also found mostly in alcoholic people.

Sharp teeth: Teeth worm destroy your teeth and upper part of the teeth is broken due to decay of teeth and root left with a sharp tip. This left sharp teeth rub with skin inside the mouth and corner of your tongue and creates wound.

Symptoms of Oral cancer:-

  • Any wound or blister inside of the mouth, not cured even after one month treatment.
  • Any part inside your mouth is increasing unnaturally
  • Any rash inside the mouth that is turning red.
  • Mouth starts closing gradually.
  • Unbearable effect of rich and spicy foods inside the mouth.

Based on these symptoms there are many other diseases inside your mouth you can call it primary stage of cancer. If not treated well, then there is a chance of oral cancer. These diseases are:-

Leukoplakia: This disease is more deadly. In this disease white hard membrane is formed on the tongue or on the skin inside the cheek. And are more likely to convert into cancer. Due to excessive eating of pan-masala, teeth have to do more work and it becomes more sharp and with pan-masala this pointed teeth rubs the sides of tongue and skin of the cheek repeatdely, that’s why the skin become tough and takes the form of white membrane. If this disease is ignored, then white membrane gradually becomes red, which we call Erythroplakia. This stage will be definitely understood as the first stage of cancer.

Submucous Fibrosis: This disease is found mostly in those people who consume pan-masala, betel nut or betel. The chance of converting to cancer disease in such condition is 30-40%. Due to excessive consumption of pan masala, percentage of getting affected from cancer also increases. This disease is now found also in young and adults. In the early stages of the disease the skin inside the mouth and on the tongue often becomes bruised and patients can’t bear chilly or rich foods. Later the skin inside the cheek, which is soft and flexible, gradually becomes stiff. When the effect of the disease seems to reach the food pipe, difficulty in swallowing food begins and fibre bands are formed inside the mouth. Then gradually the opening of the mouth decreases. The patient himself can identify the disease. Due to the stiffness inside the cheek, patient found difficulty in inflating the cheek.


Treatment of Cancer-

By Surgery: In the early stage of cancer, it can be removed by surgery.  By operation in any part of the tongue, cheek, lips or jaw, can prevent cancer from spreading to other places.

By Radiation Therapy: This is one of the most popular methods to cure cancer. Cancer cells are disabled through Cobalt or Radiun or other radio-active

By Chemotherapy: when cancer has grown or spread to other parts of the body, some medications may work to a certain extent.

Following medicines are used in Oral Cancer:-

When there is wound inside the mouth and cancer like situation  Argentum Nitricum, Arsenic, Nitric Acid, Rhus Glabra.

When Leukoplakia Muriatic Acid and Nitric Acid.

Wounds on the palate – Aurum, Sinapis, Nitric Acid.

Infection or decaying starts in the mouth Arsenic, Kreosot, Lachesis, Merc Corr., Muriatic Acid.

Mouth sores caused by syphilis disease (helpful in development of cancer) Sinapis, Merc Corr., Nitric Acid, Thuja

Lumps formation on tongue Arsenic, Aurum, Kali. Bi., Pulego.

Tongue wounds due to syphilis disease Aurum, Sinapis, Kali. Bi., Lachesis, Nitric Acid,  Mercurius.

Note: Before using essential drugs consult to the qualified medical doctor.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:-

Breast cancer checkup, self: when you know about cancer in early stage, then the chances of being perfectly fine will increase. Check your breast once in a month. If you check regularly, then you remember easily. For young women correct time for check up is immediately after the monthly period. Women who are in menopause phase, for them early days of the month are always advisable for checkup. Never check during menstruation, because at that time small lumps develop in the breast. Any changes in the breast, especially shrinkage, pit fall or any type of fluid discharge, then consult your doctor immediately.

US and UK scientists have consistently found evidence that the chance of getting cancer is low in such people who eat sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, because beta carotene is found in these fruits and vegetables. This protects our body’s cells from being broken and damaged. This protects our cells from extremely active and destructive molecules i.e. ‘free radicals’. So, carrots, spinach are extremely beneficial for our health.


Ask A Doctor

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