Homeopathic Treatment Of Colitis


It is an inflammation of the colon, also called prolonged dysentery. This problem often caused due to bacterial infection ( Entamoeba Histolytica) which destroys the walls of intestine and forms colitis which is known as Ulcerative colitis. Lower abdominal pain. After eating, feels for discharging of stool because of food and gas pressure on the congested intestine, frequent pain and fewer loose bowel movements daily with occasional blood. Second common reason is Giardiasis that occurs due to small microbes “Giardia Lamblia”. This disease spreads in children in the entire world, and especially in Asia it is a common disease. Its common symptoms are nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and sticky stool with undigested food.

                                  (Mucous- Ulcerative Colitis)

Frequent pain in abdomen, diarrhea or constipation and heavy mucous. This disease is more common in eastern countries as compared to western countries because of tension and pressure. I want to say firmly that in any type of colitis it is not necessary that in stool test there is a positive histolytica or giardia cyst.

Allopathic Medicines : Flagyl, Metrogyl, Alzolam, Larpose and steroid.

Effects of allopath : Allopathic medicines have various different types of effects. But negative side is that you are not free from the disease. When you stop taking these medicines the symptoms of this problem regenerated. Additional effect: materialistic taste, loss of appetite, wounds in mouth, inflammation on the walls of intestine, changes in blood. Regular intake of Steroids’ will affect your life terribly. (More growth of hair, Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, irregular discharge during periods)।

Following cases shows the magical result when homeopathic treatment is used in Ulcerative colitis.

Case 1

Wife of a doctor from U.K, suffering from Ulcerative colitis. This problem arises due to prolonged consumption of Tegretol medicine used in migraine problem. She takes Steroid Anima and for colitis she regularly takes steroids. She was given dicynone to stop flowing of blood.

 Homeopathy : I gave her a mixture of A, B, C medicines in a circular way.

  • Ficus Religiosa Q + Hamamelis Q
  • Puls 30 + Merc Corr. 30
  • Chine 30 + Colocynthis 30 + Phos 30 + Cuprum Met.30.

For permanent relief I gave her some dose of Thuja 200 after one week.

Case 2

A 34 years old German women came up to me। she was under treatment from amoebic colitis specialists but no permanent relief. I gave her Kutajarishta for two weeks and after that disease did not invade again.

Her baby is also suffering from amoebiasis but not liked the taste of Kutajarishta.

Homeopathy- I gave emetinum 30 and Ipecac 200 for one week regularly. After that I gave emetinum 200 once in a week and one dose of sulphur 200 in per week.

Case 3

One of my British colleague was always on leave because of ulcerative colitis.

Allopathic: she had taken many medicines (steroids, tranquilizers, flagyl), but not yet benefited. I advised her to go for homeopathic treatment and she laughed at me. But after few months when she was still suffering from this disease, told me that she is ready for homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic: I gave her Avena Q + Alstonia (1: 1), Merc Corr. 200 and Ipecac 200. She was free from the symptoms of this disease for one month but again she was suffering from this disease. After that I gave her sulphur 200. She was well for few days but again attacked by the same problem. I asked her “If she really loves her cat”. She replied “yes Of course we like to eat together in same vessel”. I replied her that she should consult a vet doctor to examine her cat. It was found that the cat was suffering from chronic ameobiasis.

Case 4

In this case of homeopathic treatment you will see the importance of physical test.

 A 45 years old women who is an interior decorator, requested me on telephone that can I gave her a medicine for colitis? She told me that she will deliver my fees through post. She is very busy and unable to visit clinic. I told her that there is no treatment of ulcerative colitis in allopath. She told me that she knew about this because she had consulted three world famous ulcerative colitis specialists during her world tour, but not benefited. She also asked me whether she has to go for test before taking homeopathic medicines. She was under homeopathic treatment for last six months and taking medicines according to symptoms. I answered her that God please take care of those patients who are treated without medical test. In my memory these cases are not colitis cases.

During homeopathic origination time there were no diagnostic facilities. With the development of diagnostic facilities these facilities should be used for identifying the symptoms of the disease for accurate treatment of the disease.

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