Homeopathic treatment of kidney stones


The exact cause of stone formation has not been yet known, still due to excess heat in the body, warm climate, less intake of water etc causes lack of water in the body or in case of dehydration less urination and concentration starts, that’s why calcium oxalate is found in the urine and phosphate, ammonium phosphate, magnesium carbonate etc elements starts depositing at the bottom of the kidney and gradually take the shape of stones.

It is also caused by a malfunction of the digestive system. Bladder or bladder stones are more in men than women, and the symptom is found when there is pain at the time of urinating. Bladder stones are found mostly in poor people of underdeveloped countries and main reason is lack of phosphate and protein in their diet.

The level of calcium increases in the body due to toxic effect of Vitamin D and hyperactivity of thyroid gland. Also taking food rich in calcium is the cause of kidney stones.

Fruits and vegetables rich in Oxalate should be avoided.

Symptoms of Stones:-

Symptoms mainly depend on the size of the stones and where it is located-

  • Small pieces that remain in the kidney are not known and there is no pain, but as soon as it enters into the ureter, severe pain starts is called as Renal Colic.
  • Chronic or less pain in back side and pain at the time of movement.
  • Renal Colic all of a sudden starts, intensity of pain increases and through thighs, testicular, in women reaches to vaginal entrance.
  • Sometimes blockage in urinary tract due to stones stops urine.
  • Sometimes small stones pass from the urinary tract and after that wound develop due to which some discharge of blood starts.

How to examine stones:-

  • Red blood cells found in the urine.
  • X-ray examination (kidneys, bladder and urinary tract) stones can be clearly seen.
  • Ureter (urine tubes) dyeing substance (dye) send there by blood vessels then take x-ray. Stones will be clearly seen.
  • Ultra sound

Prevention during Kidney stones:

  • Bed rest
  • Hot fomentation on the place of pain.

Protection from kidney stones:

Drink plenty of water. Eat limited amount of foods rich in calcium and oxalate. Avoid tomato, turnip, spinach, lady finger, brinjal and meat.

Homeopathic treatment of Kidney stones

In allopathic treatment stones are ejected with the help of rays that melt the stones called as Lithotripter technique. This technique is modern in which expensive equipments are used. No operation is required and development of stones stops.

Homeopathic medicines

Solidago: When quantity of urine reduces, pain in kidney, unbearable pain around stomach and bladder. Take 5-10 drops of solidago Virg.(original extract) with water 3-4 times a day.

Hydrangea: The main symptom is pain on the left side in the back. Kidney pain, white thick substance discharge from urine, blood discharge then give original extracts of Hydrangea – 5-10 drops with water 3-4 times a day.

Berberis Vulgaris: Beneficial for both kidney and gall bladder stones. Inflammation during urination, after urine feels that still urine left, with mucous, urine bright with red particles, pain in thighs and back during urination, regular urinating, inflammation starts when stop urine, pain from kidnay to thighs, not able to sit and stand due to pain etc. in these symptoms take original extracts of this medicine.

Lycopodium: When you put urine in a bottle, bottom of bottle deposited with red particles sand and urine is clear (these particles are uric acid and form stones). Pain in the right kidney, slow urination, pain in back, the patient does not like to be alone, frequent urination at night etc. Take this medicine in power 30 after that in power 300. The prostate gland is also increased

Dioscorea: You feel relief from kidney pain when walking, standing up from sitting, and sitting towards back. Pain with torsion and feel uneasiness sitting at one place. Pain starts from kidney to right side of the chest or any other part then take this medicine- morning and evening in power 6.

Urtica Urens: Prevent formation of uric acid and for stones formed due to uric acid. Take original extracts of this medicine regularly.

Ocimum Canum : Made of basil leaves and very effective drug to prevent formation of uric acid. Red particle clots in urine, pain especially on the right side, – take this medicine morning-evening in power 30. Stones of kidney come out with urine in the form of powder and gall bladder stones come out with stool.

Calcarea Carb: Best medicine for pain. When kidney pain take 5-6 tablets of calcarea carb in power 30- three times a day or suck it in every 15-15 minutes.

Sarsaparilla: Release of white matter from the urine and the color of urine to be beige, unbearable pain at the end of the urine, problem increases due to intake of hot things, difficulty to urinate sitting down and drop drop urination, easily urinate in standing position this is symptom of sarsaparilla. Take 5-6 tablets in power 6 of this medicine sucking it firstly- in morning and in evening.


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