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For good health it is essential that our food contains all kind of minerals and elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus etc.. One such important element – iodine in a very small amount (ten thousands part of one gram, tip of the needle) should be taken daily. In our body there is a gall gland called thyroid, requires iodine to generate thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone controls metabolism action in our body. Our mental and physical development depends on that. There is no proper mental and physical development if iodine is not taken in an adequate amount and also there are many types of disorders.

Goiter is a clear result of iodine deficiency in which there is swelling in neck due to swell in gall glands but goiter is less dangerous disease due to deficiency of iodine. It is an old worldwide disease. Many countries have largely control on it. The largely affected are in our country is lowland, mountainous area, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra This disease is chronic. In these areas and in many families it has become hereditary disease due to deficiency of iodine and also there are not enough medical facilities.

Deficiency of iodine causes- dwarfism, dumbness, deafness, mental retardation etc.  For proper development it is very necessary to give sufficient amount of iodine to small kids, teenagers and pregnant women. Pregnant woman needs more iodine. Mentally and physically deformed, deaf and dumb children can be born if iodine is not taken properly. Iodine deficiency in adults causes symptoms of mental retardation and lethargy. If this was not noticed in the early stages, these become permanent fatal disease.

Causes and Treatments of Goiter-

Generally our daily requirement of iodine is fulfilled from food items. Our food items receive the iodine from the ground. More rain, flooding and erosion decreases the amount of iodine in the soil. The amount of iodine is found less in the crops, fruits-flowers and Greens vegetables that are grown in these areas. Due to deficiency of iodine many disorders are found in these places. To avoid iodine deficiency disorders take appropriate amount of iodine in food.

Under national goiter control program and on the advice of the Ministry of Health in all states order has been passed to ban the sale of non-iodized salt. The taste and look of iodized salt is same like normal salt, but it contains potassium iodate a little iodine which is very helpful in our physical and mental development. The myth that taking of more iodine can cause harm to us is wrong. Our body absorbs required amount of iodine and the rest of the iodine is eliminated through urine.

Iodized salt is beneficial for all. Don’t put iodized salt in the open or in the sun and before using it don’t wash, iodine gets released after washing or putting in sun.  Make sure that the salt you are using is iodized or not.

Homeopathic medicines for Goiter

Iodium is very effective in Goiter disease. Take 2-3 dose of this medicine in power 200

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