How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles


Beautiful eyes are the center of attention. Therefore eyes have great importance in enhancing facial beauty .Even in pictures we try to show eyes beautiful. There is no doubt that dark circle under the eyes can cause dark ugliness and suppresses your personality. Nowadays, due to stress and hectic life, a dark circle under eyes has become too large problem in both genders. It is now common to have wrinkles.

Eyes are one of our body’s most important organs. This delicate part directly connected to the brain and central nervous system. Our diseases, concerns and difficulties are shown in our eyes like movies playing on the cinema screen. Darkness around the eye is a symbol of eye’s illness.

Ironically we do nothing for this serious problem that we have, and still remain indifferent towards it. Often, darkness and wrinkles around the eyes gradually grow so thick that people appears old, at a younger age. So try to remove them as soon as they should be.

If eyes are not beautiful and attractive, makeup can hide the eye deficiency and give nice and beautiful look, but it does not solve the problem. How long will you paint make up on your face? If you take precautions in time, adopt proper diet, it is not difficult to get rid of this problem. Firstly it is important to know the reasons which cause this problem.

Reasons of dark circle

The main reasons which starts blackness around the eyes and sunken eyes, are excessive worrying, surrounded by excessive mental stress and fears, crying tendencies, insomnia, a day late wake up, deteriorating digestion, constipation, no physical activities, lacking of vitamin “C” and “B”, damage liver, forced to wake when sleepy, to take excessive interest in sex, uses of variety of the drugs etc..

First it is necessary to understand the process which causes the problem .Nature makes the skin around the eyes more delicate than the skin of the other body. Around the eyes we get to see a sign of any mental or physical problems. Rubbing around eyes increases the risk of damage to the cells even more, which may cause premature wrinkles.

There is a layer of the micro-particles of fat around the eyes, which simplifies navigation of blood and gives strength to the muscles of eyes. If this layer will remain healthy, then there will not be any dark circle and wrinkles around the eyes. Reasons mention above affects this layer of the eye. Lack of nutrition causes dark circle around eyes and then wrinkles.

We will discuss the reasons of problem briefly one by one. Then we will seek suitable solution to prevent this. Nowadays most individuals suffer with mental exertion, stress, anxiety and fear, which make lower area of eyes, black. Physical and mental labor more than your potential makes eyes spots.

Jealousy for some reason and clouded by fears are not good at all for health of the eyes. Some people have the tendency to cry on anything. Some people deliberately stay awake until late at night every day. These bad habits are helpful to bring dark under eyes.

Less physical activities affect the digestive system. Problem of constipation start .People suffering from constipation have dark circles eyes often. Vitamin C is linked to the health of the skin while vitamin B deficiency causes not only dark eyes, but redness in the eyes too. Water in eyes, burning sensation in the skin around it and all these troubles can be due to vitamin B deficiency.

In many cases, extreme sexual activity cause loose of strength. Some people have the habit of addiction. They use variety of drugs and alcohol in their youth, it seems to be destroying the beauty of their eyes and blackness around eyes, inflammatory and other disorders become appear.

Measures to remove darkness

The most important measure is that the person should always try to be happy. Keep the mind calm and cool, for this you have to ignore sadness and keep busy yourself in other interesting things. Not to burned in the fire of jealousy. Always try to keep moving forward. Try to stay away from stress.

Crying is not good for anything. Learn to live with courage and wisdom. Do not doubt so much. Try to stay away from worries. Be sure to get enough sleep. Due to lack of sleep the eyes get irritation and darkness around eyes start. If for any reason unable to take full sleep in night then try to get some sleep before the dinner. This will greatly benefit. Timely diet, regular exercise and lie without worries, are the best ways to get good sleep.

After taking a full proper sleep if you still feel the fatigue of the eyes, headache, heaviness, be insure to check with your doctor. When your eyes feel tired by daily functioning then stop working and close your eyes for a while to give them some rest. Morning walk with barefoot on green grass are the best means for eye health.

Ask A Doctor

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  1. Ashik podder says

    Sir,my age 18 and male and I am a student.. I have a problem and it is under eye darkness .. I fell very upset ….how I solve it’s very quickly…

    1. Dr G.P.Singh says

      Give your full details about you and your problems. You may start treatment with Euphrasia 200 one drop daily in morning.

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