How To Lose Weight Quickly


Follow two weeks and reduce weight easily

If you have to go a function in a few days later but your weight hides your beauty, try some of these tips and be sure to increase your beauty just in two weeks.

Here we’ll tell you that how you can reduce your weight in two weeks without any damage, you just have to adopt certain diet tips. Some people try to lose weight by drinking lemon water which does not reduce your weight as much but have some disadvantage.

It is a challenge to lose weight in two weeks, so you must give attention to these things:

1) Drink more water – To lose weight, drink water all day. It will control your appetite, no weakness and skin will become beautiful.

2) Stay away from the fast food for two weeks – Fast food is high in calories, which is stored in the body as extra fat.

3) Starch and sugar intake should be reduced – Avoid food in which starch and sugar content is higher – such as potatoes, rice, sweets, bread, butter etc..

4) Eat more protein – Eat more protein rich food like eggs, fish, meat, pulses, sprouts etc.

5) Eat more green vegetables – The greens vegetables are very helpful in reducing your weight. It contains very negligible fat and calories. Drink soups made of vegetables.

6) Time of food – If you do not eat on time or you will give up food for weight reduction, will be the biggest mistake because it make the skin of body loose.

Ask A Doctor

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