How to make skin more attractive?


Causes for dull skin:-          

The following conditions are responsible for untidy skin 1) dust, 2) Sweat and 3) inner stinginess. When you leave your skin in dirty condition many disorders occur like- pimples, rashes, excessive oil etc.

Method of cleaning-

Before going to bed wash your face using slight soap or face wash. Then apply cleansing milk. Next day clean your face with soap or face wash. Apply cleansing milk for five minutes on your face. Now wash your face. After that take bath and apply your cream or powder. Be sure that powder must be clean and you apply it on your face using puff.

Minimize intake of sweets or sugar:-

There is swelling or patches on face of women who consume more sweets or sugar. They should avoid sugar or sweets. Take salad, soaked cereals, boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, lemon, orange etc in your meal. Your face will look fresh transparent and clean.

Complete sleep (Pleasant sleep):-

For skin beauty it is necessary to take complete sleep. Go to sleep after 10 o’clock at night and wake up at six in the morning. Your skin gets nutrition when you sleep timely. It is necessary to take rest even for 15 min after lunch. Women have to stand for hours to cook foods, this is not good for health and also harmful for skin. Use stool or take rest within your work.

Dry Skin: –

Some people have dry skin due to following reasons:

  1. Hereditary from parents.
  2. Frequent wash.
  3. Heavy cold waves
  4. Eating fat in lower volume.

For any reason if your skin is dry, add some butter in your breakfast. Don’t use harsh soap on your face or body and also don’t wash again and again. Use mild soap like Pears, Lyril, sandal soap etc. Don’t use heavy cosmetics on your face. There are many powders, containing too much dryness, please do not use them. Use oily cleansing lotion. Use cold cream. After washing your neck and face immediately apply cold cream. Before sleeping apply nourishing cream on your face.

Oily Skin

Skin of some women is very oily. Excess oil removes from their skin glands. The skin glows brightly. Even you wash your face, brightness of your face remains same after 1-2 hours. This is due to excess active oil glands. Pores of the skin get blocked due to black heads.  Excess formation of acne and pimples. Dark circles under eyes. Women having oily skin should use vanishing cream. Use less cream. Women having oily skin should wash their face 3-4 times in a day using mild soap or face wash.

Sun rays bathing:-

According to the state, texture and fat of your skin you can take sun rays bath. Cells are found below your skin. That protects the body from sun burns. Healthy man in the sun seems to experience discomfort. Each woman according to her age, body condition, nature and endurance of her body should take sun rays bath.

The method of bathing in sun rays:-

Remove all your clothes except under garments. Leave the body in the rays of the sun for 15 minutes. If there is bright sunshine on the head, put a flimsy fabric on the head. You can also use goggles to protect your eyes from sun rays. Wear clothes after 15 minutes. After sun rays bath don’t bath immediately. You should take rest under shade after sun rays bath.


Sun rays bath increases the power of the body to prevent diseases. Germs on the skin destroyed completely. No threats of contagious diseases. Body gets Vitamin D from sun rays bath. There seems to be a natural glow and aura in the skin. Some women fear of being black skin due to sun rays, but their view is wrong. Distant from the sun affects your health and the whiteness appears on the face, looks like artificial and unattractive.

No doubt human skin benefits a lot from sun rays bath, but you must take care of something. They are:-

  • When the sun began stinging (whether after 5 minutes), then go into the shade from the sun.
  • Don’t walk in the sun after bath.
  • Playing card, studying, any stitching work etc in direct sunlight is very harmful.
  • Avoid sitting in the sun, when you apply any type of face pack. There is fear of swelling in skin.
  • During winter season you can massage your body using oil in sun.
  • Excess white and black skin type people should intake less sun rays.
  • When your skin becomes red or any type of irritation starts then should be out of sun.
  • Take morning sun rays on front side (chest) and afternoon sun rays on the back.
  • You should never see the sun with the naked eyes.

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