Mental illness In Homeopathy


Stress is a leading cause of psychological illness. Tension creates its special place in our daily routine, lifestyle and in our society and is the cause of several diseases.

Don’t get the love of parents in childhood, gets humility from society because of some disability, failed in exam, beaten without any cause, inherent brain weakness or due to any accident. A person at any age can be a victim of mental problem.

Symptoms of mental illness

Among other symptoms of dementia following symptoms are reflected in patients-

  1. voice stammering, rapidly blinking of eyes, lack of sleep, showing two images of the same object, restlessness, anxiety, disturbances in mind, lethargy, fear, mistrust etc remains. Leaving your body out of balance, lack of vitamins, the physical illnesses becomes broader, mental illness, shortness of heart or breath or in the event of an overdose of the drug.
  2. Lack of sugar in the body, growth of brain tumor, caused by poison from gas carbon monoxide, due to the inactivity of the thyroid gland, thereby leading to swollen lips and the nose becomes thick due to these reasons mental illness are reflected, the memory is almost lost and unable to understand day and time, no longer able to control the emotional and becomes irritable and started abusing and gets naked. Now the patient is fine and then suddenly begins to scream. Cries again and again plunged into deep sadness.
  3. seems hallucination, does not care of your cleaning, have trouble in eating, pain in the neck. At a later stage, the body movements (mobility) process becomes disrupted. Function of senses disrupted and body organs can be paralyzed.
  4. Many times the Insanity can also be hereditary.
  5. started doing anti social work; sex related problem started doing porn action, rigid behavior and becomes emotion less.
  6. Loneliness, in sadness, colloquial or stays constant talk without any matter.

Homeopathic Remedies to overcome from mental illness

Medicines name – Belladonna, stramonium, Lachesis, Causticum, veratrum Alb., Hyoscyamus, etc.

Belladonna: The patient remains in fantasy world, suffering from hallucinations, sees ghosts and scary faces, unconsciously wants to run away from everything, not interested in conversation, always tears in their eyes, headache, red face, there is swelling, discomfort and fear remains, mucous membranes dry etc if such symptoms are found then this medicine with power 200 and 100 should be given quickly.

Hyoscyamus: The patient will perhaps imagine he is pursued by some demon or that some one is trying to take his life; and he runs away from an imaginary foe. He is talkative and, like Lachesis, constantly jumping from one subject to another. The face is only slightly flushed, he may see ghosts and demons, but the mania is an acute non-inflammatory mania. For such symptoms give this medicine of power 200 and 1000.

Stramonium:  It is wild and most terrifying, filled with hallucinations: he sees rats, mice, snakes and other animals approaching him and he retires in terror. He is also loquacious; he becomes religious, prays, laughs, talks foolishly and tries to escape; again he becomes Satanic, and has outbursts of violence with ideas of persecution. It corresponds well to many phases of erotic mania, nymphomania, and the mania of masturbation. The keynote of its symptomatology is terror. There is also a mania for light and company. Hallucinations of hearings, hears music and men talking in foreign languages. The symptoms are changeable, full of joy, and then full of range. Proud and then dull. In such situation this medicine of power 200 and 1000 is beneficial.

Patient seems to be restless and wild looking, and be violent, cold sweat, blue rings under eyes, face pale yellow, talks about porn and religious related topics etc. Veratrum alb. is the best medicine

When patient looks unhappy and always sees the negative approach then for such condition Causticum is the best.

Regular mood upset, insanity due to some grieves,- Ignatia and Causticum is useful.

Useful homeopathic Tips

For them whose cough and cold increases every year – Antim Sulp

Children’s cough, cough gets freeze and unable to remove, baby always want to walk – Antim Tart

Swelling in eyes, nose, mouth and ears – Medusa

Swelling in Upper Eyelid – Kali Carb

Swelling around the eye and in both of the eyelids – Phosphorus


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