Partial Blindness Treatment In Homeopathy


Sometimes eye patient sees only half portion of the object either upper or lower, either left or right.

For treatment of this type of diseases hereby discussed below as per there nature:-

(1) Visible only lower part of the object :-

Aurum Metalicum-200 :- Flames and sparks before eye. Only vertical half sight,. Hemiopia; objects are seen cut in horizontal lines and only lower part of the object are seen. Eyes better by moon lights and after violent muscular exercise; objects seem smaller and more distant.

(2) Visible only upper part of the object :-

Acid Muriaticum – 30 :- Itching in eye; swelling and redness of eye lids; Hemiopia; objects are seen cut in horizontal lines and only upper part of the objects are seen no vision of lower part; double vision.

(3) Visible only right part of the object :-

Lycopodium – 30 :- Wipe mucus from eye in order to see clearly. Myopia or presbyopia. Hemiopia perpendicular’s (Sees only right half of objects, especially with right eye).

(4) Visible only left part of the object :-

Lithium Carb 30 :- Sun light blinds him. Asthenopia- uncertainty of vision and an entire invisibility of right half of whatever looked at or only see left half part.

(5) Visible the object big:

Cicuta Virosa 30 :- Diplopia, obscuration of the eyes, sometimes alternately with hardness of hearing. The object appears double in size or in number and black.

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