Teething Troubles Homeopathic Medicine


Teeth are started to come out at  6 months to 9-10 months in babies and usually all teeth come out within 2 years. During teething the children often face vomiting, diarrhea, irritability etc. which should be treated according to symptoms.

Chamomilla- 6, 30: at the timing of teething Chamomilla can be used in all symptoms. In Choleric temper, constant crying, climb into the lap, fever, stomach cramps, etc. it is advantageous.

Ipecac- 6, 30: If there are loose motion, vomiting, nausea, etc. use of this drug is good.

Merc Cor 6: Diarrhea during emerging teeth.

Aconite 3x:  when symptoms are fever, discomfort, inflammation.

Belladonna – 30: Get convulsions and then frightened while sleeping due to having teeth. This drug can be used in such symptoms.

Calcarea carb 6: when delay in teething in healthy babies then give this medicine.

Cina – 30: when symptoms are Nose irritation, gnash the teeth in sleep, urinate on bed because of stomach worms then it is beneficial in such symptoms.

Calcarea Phos 6x: It is advantageous in the sufferings of emerging teeth.


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