Tips To Cure Pimples Naturally


In 15 to 20 years age group, some girls have round hole spot on their faces. This increases facial malformation. The round hole on the face cannot be formed by itself. Often these girls start tearing them with their nail to get rid of acne. This scratch due to your nail on the skin of the face or nose never fills up later. Scratching them with nail is a big mistake. Never do this dirty work. It is absolutely wrong. Plucking make them spread first and second hole will never fill again and face looks ugly. If you already did this mistake, so just take an oath that it will not happen again.


Mix some gram flour in fresh water and make a thick solution and apply it on the face. Just make less use of cosmetics. You will get benefit gradually.

Losses due to more use of cosmetic 

Cosmetics (cream-powder, etc.) the skin pores become paralyzed due to more hard coating of cosmetic on face. Due to blockage of skin pores, air cannot enter through the follicles and sweat does not quit out. These two things are harmful to skin and these blockages cause pimples on the face. Women try to hide them with more makeup. So before the bed, at every 3 or four day in a week, wash your face with soap and leave them alone without any cream and let them open for all night.

A use of cosmetics on face is an art and understands its secrets without proper lesson are difficult. Yes, some young girls and women seek to understand the gesture. If they carefully read it, then they should take full advantage.

Do not forget that your eyes also require some moisture. When you come home from outside, wash your eyes with splash of tap water or Luke warm water after that wipe your eyes and put some eye drops.

Smart women have started to keep pots of green plants indoors. These green plants give rest to our eyes just by looking them. These are beneficial for the skin too because they drag the air and moisture from atmosphere.

In winter, toning of lips is often. Sometimes more intense irritation. Licking the lips repeatedly makes it more worse and lips become dry and burst. Applying the paste of zinc oxide can removes dryness of lips and it may be beneficial for torn lips too.

If there is rough skin in hand and feet then at the time of bed at night apply some cream and go to bed with gloves and socks on, or use the solution of things which are mention below. It will make a big difference at the same time.

Mix well- Glycerin, lemon and rose extracts.

To keep hand-foot skin properly, use hand lotion or cream.

If skin of hands and feet etc. are torning then intake of vitamin C should be increased. Orange, lemon, sweet lemon, Malta, grapes are very rich in vitamin C. Also cabbage, green pepper, spinach, gourd, potato, carrot, turnip, guava, banana, plum, pear, papaya are also rich in vitamin C.

In winter take bathe daily, but lukewarm water. Very hot water makes skin drier. Take a bath after the trip, and thoroughly rubbed the back with a bath brush.

Massaging the body with mustard oil once a week is must. If any oil which you like or pure ghee can be used for the massage. Massage opens the skin pores. Scum comes out from the pores. Massaging the skin gives warmth. Massage also makes skin soft. After massage, should not bath immediately give some time gap minimum half an hour will be enough.

If you don’t have to go outside, then do not use make-up, let natural beauty bloom or just apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Use lighter make-up when you go out in winter. Change the make-up which you used for long time. In the summer many women’s make-up washed out due to sweating. But in winter they can use certain cosmetics and make-up without any worry. Do not need to establish the Foundation’s hard layer on face when you go out. Bindi on your forehead, a faint lipstick, thin foundation layer around the eyes and faint perfume shall be enough.

In winter hair fall is natural. Cool winds have absorbed moisture from the hair. So in this season apply conditioner on hair at every fourth day. It will be right that you use conditioner on hair and cover it with scarf at the time you go out and when you come back wash your hair with normal water. If hair looses shine, then remains of flour filtering (chouker) and honey, mixed in water can be used for hair wash. It makes your hair shine well. So when you wash your hair like this at every fifteenth day, your hair will get shine back.

In AC (Air conditioner) houses, synthetic (artificial) heat dries the hair moisture. Similarly, the hair drying device also has a negative impact on the hair. Please do not use it. Sometimes when you are in rush and you just washed your hair then the dryer can be used. But hair should be dry in natural way.


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