Tips to increase your memory power


From ancient times, scholars, mystics and doctor etc are concerned about human memory. Usually in every old and new system of medicines, actions, drugs or tricks are used to increase memory power. Every person has a different memory. A few talented individuals have extra-ordinary memory power while some people forget every now and then. As forgetting things increases, memory deteriorates.

With aging there is 6-7% loss of memory in every ten years. The reason is decrease in nerve growth hormone of brain due to aging.

Overall pollution, noise, stress, anxiety, irregular routine, malnutrition, anorexia, apathy, depression, unhealthy body, monotony etc badly affects the memory power.

Nutrients necessary for memory– normally with balanced and regular diet, the body and the brain remains healthy. That’s why memory power is strong but according to scholars there is some relation between minerals and memory power. These minerals are Iron, Zinc and Boron.

Measures to enhance memory– Keep your daily life style peaceful and joyful. And stay away from mental stress, anxiety, anger etc.

Take regular and balanced diet.

Deficiency of iron results in Anemia. Take protein and iron in your food or in the form of medicine.

More use of green vegetables, Cereals, milk, curd, and molasses etc. Boron is found in sour free fruits, cabbage, and cauliflower. Fruits and vegetables should be according to season.

By paying attention to the following points you can maintain and improve memory-

  • Don’t enter each task in your brain. For example if you are going to market for some purchasing then makes a list.
  • While doing some work you remember another important thing, then immediately write it in your dairy where you write all your works.
  • When a speaker is giving a lecture on any subject he often forgets or deviates, to avoid this problem make a list of important points.
  • The thing you want to remember, repeat it again and again.
  • In addition to the above measures if you still do not remember things from time to time doctor suggests that close your eyes and lie down peacefully or sit quietly loosen the whole body, close your eyes and feel free and wait for the answer to your problem.

Homeopathic remedies to increase memory power-

The best homeopathic medicine for the protection of memory power is Anacardium.

After loss of memory power take Anacardium of power 30 thrice a day for few days. Then after 10-15 days take 3 dose of this medicine of power 200 once in a week. After 2-4 weeks take one dose of power 1000 once in 10-15 days. At the same time take Kali Phos of power 6x three times a day 15 tablets for 15 days. Then for another 15 days take this medicine of power 12 × in the same way.

Mentally weak and foolish type of children, who do not understand anything quickly for them Baryta Carb 30 is the best.

If forgetting the name, not able to focus on the work or on studies then Anacardium should be given first in 6 x power after that in power 30

If weak memory power with indigestion problem then Nux Vomica of power 30 should be given.

Weak memory power with skin disease then 3-4 dose of Sulphur of power 30 should be given.

Weak memory power with Laziness feels sleepy all the time- then give Gelsemium of power 30 for few days. Along with Kali phos of power 6 and Anacardium of power 30 should be given. All medicines should be given at an interval of one hour.

Due to consumption of alcohol, loss of memory- 3 dose of Nux Vomica of power 200 in evening and next day Cannabis Indica of power 30, 3 times a day. Again Nux Vomica for one week. Cannabis Indica for 15 days.

Weak memory due to aging- Lycopodium of power 30, three times a day for 2-3 days. In every week in the same manner for 2-3 days. After one month stop this medicine.

Weak memory with physical weakness and weakness in muscles- Picricum Acidum of power 30- three times a day for one week

If muscle cramps and feel relief after urinating and stool discharge- Zincum Met of power 30- for 2-3 days. Further after one week 2-3 days in same way. After one month stop this medicine.

The above mentioned drugs can be used similarly in other diseases too but according to above mentioned symptoms.

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