Treatment Of Cervical Spondylosis In Homeopathy


This disease mostly occurs in the neck due to changes in the bones of spine, which results in lack of space between two spinal bones.

Symptoms of Cervical

Neck heaviness is the first symptom of this disease, than problem occurs in rotation of neck. If patient wants to see side by side, he rotates his head with the neck and body. This is the first symptom. Thereafter due to pressure on cervical nerve patient feels light pain in the first part of the head. Then this pain transfers to arm. Sometimes feels tingling with pain. Symptoms such as pain in the back of the head and dizziness occur.

Causes of Cervical-

The process of internal breakdown in bones, effect of age on the joints, effect of injury on the joints, obesity, incorrect way to sit, stand and lying down, stress, excess labor, exhaustion, sleeping disorder, and using intoxicating things, Changes in the spinal cord, very high pillow, foam mattresses to sleep changes the spinal cord, watching TV in wrong posture, driving car or scooter from long duration, excess mental stress etc.


Reduce obesity, sit and stand properly with proper sleep, reduce mental and physical stress, fomentation from infrared rays or diathermy, medical related neck exercise, use cots or foamless bed for sleeping with small and thin pillow etc

Homeopathic medicines for cervical treatment: injury and its side effects arising from the situation- Arnica Montana

Belladonna – more swelling may be given in the first stage.

Bryonia – problem increases with slight work and relax when complete rest.

Calcarea Flour- Highly useful drug for changes in bone.

Causticum – more problems on the right side, sound generates while moving joints.

Rhus Tox – more symptoms on the left side and feel relax after little work or walking.

Take Cocculus 30 if problem increases while bending your neck forward.

Ask A Doctor

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