Weight Loss Treatment In Homeopathy


Obesity is not only a disease but also enemy of your life. People suffering from Obesity can be easily captured by these diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stone in Gall bladder, breathing problem, joint pains specially hips, and change in joints of knee etc. There is a high risk of Colon, Rectum, and Prostate cancer for men suffering from obesity. And in women suffering from obesity there is a risk of ovary, uterus and breast cancer.

To examine Obesity (In Men) if measure of waist has become more than a measure of hips and (In Female) if the effect of the measurement of waist and hip is more than 85%.  The weight of both, according to height and age is more than 20%, and then this condition is known as ‘Obesity’.

Reasons behind the Obesity

  • Psychological and Social reason-, frequently eating habits, due to disturbance of the hypothalamic portion of the brain.
  • Less physical work– Don’t require spending energy. Increased metabolism capacity, lack of physical activity
  • Due to hormonal imbalances.
  • Hereditary Reasons.

More intakes of food then your hunger also increase the weight.

Complications from obesity-

  • Associated with Lungs- Respiratory tract infections.
  • Associated with Heart- High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, and Coronary artery disease.
  • Associated with Hormones and Metabolism- Diabetes, (In female) no periods, fatty liver, growth of beard and mustache in women
  • Associated with Stomach and intestine- Indigestion, inflammation of the gall bladder and kidney stones.
  • Others- skin related disease, joints related diseases, spread poison in the body etc.

Measures to overcome obesity

1 In order to reduce the weight of the patient, psychological preparation and proper medical advice is necessary.

2 Remind and realized the patient that he/she could actually lose weight.

  1. Control on eating, leaving the habit of repeatedly eating, do not eat more calories than required by the body.
  2. Physical activity is necessary. Inculcate interest in patient towards physical labor.

Average body weight for men 58 kg or for women food calories list– 1800 to 2300

Protein – 58 gm, Calcium – 0.08 gm, Iron -12 mg, Vitamin A -5000 unit, Vitamin B1-1 mg, Vitamin B2-1.5 mg, Vitamin C-70 mg

Morning Breakfast: Milk-200 mg, bread or chapati-1-2 piece, butter-0.5 gm, egg or paneer 40 gm, tea-1 cup, (low sugar)

Day snacks: Fruit – 1, (average weight), bread or chapati 3-4, cereal– one bowl, vegetable – one bowl, oil or ghee – 1 tbs, yogurt-50 gm, salad- carrot, turnip, tomato, green chilli.

Evening snacks: Tea-1 cup (low sugar), biscuit-2

Dinner: Bread or chapati-2, Cereal-1 bowl, vegetable-1 bowl, green salad-50 gm, oil or ghee- ½ or 1 tbs

At bedtime: Milk – one cup, people suffering from obesity should avoid sugar, honey, molasses, potato, mango, grapes, banana, sweet potato and soda water.

Exercise to reduce obesity

Exercise is very necessary for flexibility, cardiovascular health, body’s strength, bone’s strength, proper functioning of internal organs, weight control and for good condition of the muscles. Regular exercise decreases stress and reduces blood pressure. If not possible to do Aerobics then jogging is best exercise. Swimming is also good exercise. For those women who can’t go outside then for you jumping rope is a great exercise. Similar to many weight lose posture like pashchimottanasan, halasan are very good exercise and doing regularly will be beneficial.

Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity-

Calcarea carb: Thick and white skin ladies, more flow during periods, dizziness, can’t bear the constriction of cloth around stomach (waist), feeling physical and mental fatigue( after little work), Problems grow during cold, when you feel better during dry season you should take some dose of 200 power.

Graphites: Thick and white skin ladies but less flow during period, cold and cough, Waist pain remains, sex desire is completely finished, and discomfort at night or due to heat, there can be little wounds on breast, toes and anals. When you feel much better in the darkness first you can take few doses of power 30 and thereafter 200 power.

Phytolacca : Extreme stiffness in breasts, pain, more trouble during menstrual secretion and after , Breast lumps and bruises, irregular monthly discharge, over-secretion of breast milk, more fats near hips and thighs, when you feel better after relaxing and in dry season then you can take daily 2-3 dose of power 3 and is very beneficial for obesity problem.

Pulsatilla : Dark skinned man and women, suffering from obesity, women having less  menstrual bleeding, back pain, fatigue, diarrhea during periods, after eating fried foods, and trouble during summer, dry tongue but no thirst for water, then in such condition take pulsatilla of power 200.

Thyroidinum: Obesity caused due to hormone imbalances then takes the 3 dose of thyroidinum of power 3 for few days.

Fucus Vesiculosus: Obesity with Constipation, then take 10-10 drops of mother tincture of this medicine 3 times a day before meal. This reduces weight very fast.

Apart from above other biochemic medicines Calcarea Phos 12 x, Silicea 12 x, Kali phos 6 x, Natrum Mur 6 x, kali mur 6 x- take one tablet of each medicine 3 times a day daily with normal water. After one month stop Calcarea Phos 12 x and take rest medicines till you lose your weight. Check your weight along with medicines and exercise. In pursuit of weight loss you may become very weak and thin.

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