Homeopathic Medicine, Remedies and Treatment For Injury

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In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it’s normal to get small injuries. We are so busy that we can’t even pay attention to it, but these small accidents can really kill you. So, it’s not good for you to think of them as small injuries and leave them alone.

Homeopathic Medicine For Injury

In case of any injury or scratch, wash it properly with clean water. Along with this, wash thoroughly with antiseptic (like Calendula, Dettol, Savlon etc.). If the wound is deep, stitches may be required if necessary. In case of injury or scratch caused by iron etc., it is beneficial to get injection of tetanus toxoid. Among homeopathic medicines, ‘Strychnine’ medicine can be given in higher potency.

It is necessary to clean and bandage the wound every third day. Following homeopathic medicines can be used in various injuries

  • In case of scratch or injury with any solid object – take three doses of ‘Arnica Mont’ 200 potency for three days (if the injury is on the eye, take ‘Symphytum’ 30).
  • If there is a blood clot (due to injury) or there is a blunt force trauma to the head, then – ‘Arnica Montana’ 200.
  • If there is a cut wound – apply ‘Calendula ointment’ and take ‘Hypericum’ 30 potency.
  • If there is a wound in a place where there are more nerves, like the knuckles of the fingers, then eat ‘Hypericum’ in 30 potency, three times a day, for 7 days.
  • If there is a cut (wound) from any sharp object, then apply ‘Staphysagria’ 30 and ‘Calendula ointment’.
  • If a hole has been made by a sharp object, then take ‘Ledum pal’ 30 (even if bitten by a rat, only ‘Ledum pal’ should be taken).
  • If there is light scratch, then – ‘Allium cepa’ 30.
  • If sprain has occurred, then – ‘Rhus tox’ 200, ‘Bellis Perennis’ 30.
  • If the bone is broken, other medicines like ‘Calcarea Carb’, ‘Calcarea Phos’, ‘Symphytum’, ‘Ruta’ (‘Calcarea Carb’ 200 in 30 potency should be taken for 15 days).
  • If the bone is displaced from its place, ‘Ruta’ 30, ‘Symphytum’ in root extract.
  • If bitten by a wasp etc. and there is a burning sensation along with swelling, then take ‘Apis Mel‘ 1000 in three doses and ‘Ledum pal’ 200.
  • In case of injury or sprain – ‘Arnica’ (‘Rhus tox ointment’ should also be applied).
  • If any boil has formed and there is pain, then take three doses of ‘Hepar Sulph’ 200 for two days.
  • If pus is coming from the boil, then eat ‘Silicea’ 6x along with it.
  • If pus is coming for a long time, then take ‘Calcarea Sulph‘, ‘Fluoric Acid’ 30, ‘Silicea’ 6x and ‘Gun Powder’ 3× potency.
  • If a scab has formed on the wound and there is pus underneath it, then eat ‘Mezereum’ in 30 potency for 7-10 days.
  • If thick pus comes from the wound, then eat ‘Graphites’ 30 potency.

Arnica Montana 30 – Best medicine for all types of injuries. Mostly suited to patients when any type of discomfort appears to be caused by injury. Higher powers are as effective as lower ones. Applying ticker on the injury is also beneficial.


Bellis Perennis 30 – An excellent medicine for deep tissue and nerve injuries.

Calendula off Q – 20 drops of its lotion in one ounce of water can be used in all types of injuries and wounds. Internally it is very effective in wound healing. It is an important antiseptic.

Causticum 30 – A useful medicine for wounds from old injuries which keep coming back again and again.

Echinacea Q – Add 10 drops of this medicine in 1-ounce lukewarm water to the wound to remove bad smell and putrefaction and can be used as an antiseptic wash on the affected part. 5 drops of the medicine in a little water can be given internally every two hours until the therapeutic effects appear.

Helleborus 200 – This medicine in 200, 1M or 10M potency can be given after body injuries to reduce the effects.

Hypericum Perforatum 30 – One of the most special medicines for injuries on soft parts of the body like the tips of fingers.

Ledum Pal 30 – It is a useful medicine for wounds caused by being pierced by a sharp nail, being pricked by something, insect bites etc.

The way a bruise is treated will depend on the type and severity of the injury. Here are some common injuries:


First aid: First aid can help in case of injury. This may require a trip to the hospital, especially if the injury is severe and bleeding is severe.

Bruises (blueing after an injury): Applying medicine to the area after the injury can help with cold burns or bruises.

Rest: Rest the area after the injury, especially do not apply pressure to the area repeatedly.

Ice: Using ice cubes can reduce swelling and pain. If you don’t have ice, you can use frozen or packed frozen vegetables.

Panadol or Ibuprofen: If the pain is severe, you can take Panadol or Ibuprofen medicine on the advice of the doctor.

Exercise and routine: Without doctor’s advice, reduce physical activities.

Special treatment: If the injury is severe or worsening, you should consult a doctor. Do not use any medicine or therapy without doctor’s advice.

The most important thing after an injury is to follow your doctor’s advice and do what he suggests.

When any part of the body is cut by a sharp weapon like knife, knife etc., blood starts falling from there. The cut part should be held against the body – by doing this the bleeding stops. Bleeding also stops with cold water or by applying an ice pack. Some medicines are mentioned here –

Calendula Q – Mixing this medicine eight times with fresh water and putting it on the cut area or soaking a bandage in that water and keeping it on the cut area stops bleeding. Calendula ointment is available in the market, by applying it the cut area starts healing.

Hamamelis Q – Mixing this medicine five times in fresh water and tying a bandage on the cut area stops bleeding. Taking Hamamelis 3x internally provides quick relief.

Arnica 30 – This medicine should be given when bleeding stops. Arnica should never be used externally on a cut area.

Hypericum 30, 1M – This medicine is beneficial when there is pain due to peeling of skin, it is not possible to swallow anything, symptoms like bowstring are seen.

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