Aurum Sulph Homeopathy 30, 200 Uses, Benefits And Symptoms

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Aurum Sulph Homeopathy : Within the extensive realm of homeopathy, a plethora of both common and rare medicines proves beneficial in treating patients. While polycrystalline medicines are widely acknowledged, the significance of rare and short-acting medicines cannot be overlooked. In this context, I share the case of a 48-year-old man who underwent treatment with Aurum Sulph, showcasing the diverse range of homeopathic remedies and their efficacy in addressing specific patient needs.

The patient presented with a set of complaints, detailing a mild fever persisting for a month, predominantly occurring at night. However, in the last 2-3 days, the fever had extended into the daytime. During these bouts of mild fever, the patient experienced heat and sweating. Additionally, the fever was accompanied by weakness, particularly pronounced at night. Despite having taken allopathic medications, the patient expressed a lingering sense of lethargy and lack of energy in the body.

Seeking allopathic consultation, the patient was diagnosed with a body infection. Notably, the individual experienced swelling of the lower eyelids and tremors in the hands, particularly evident after alcohol consumption. Another significant concern reported was hair loss, primarily from the middle and front regions of the head, persisting for the past two years.

Reflecting on his past, the patient shared that during his childhood, he was vibrant and playful, enjoying a happy upbringing cherished by his parents and two younger sisters. At the age of 25, he entered into marriage. However, challenges arose following the untimely demise of his father at the age of 46. The loss was compounded by the collapse of his father’s business, marking an exceptionally challenging phase in his life.

Navigating through this adversity, the patient found himself shouldering the responsibilities single-handedly. The burden included not only providing support to his family but also grappling with a substantial economic crisis. With the weight of expanding his business and overseeing the marriages of his two sisters, he faced significant challenges during this trying period.

Facing the challenges and upheavals in his life, the patient chose to navigate the turbulent waters alone. He opted not to confide in his wife or mother about his struggles, attempting to tackle the issues independently. It was during this phase that he sought solace in alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Engaging in a regular habit of alcohol consumption, the patient found himself frequently turning to this coping mechanism, even in the presence of his wife and mother. Intrinsically introverted, he tended to keep his emotions and thoughts to himself. His inclination was for others to discern and acknowledge their own mistakes, especially when he felt wronged. Despite being reserved, he exhibited a tendency to get angry over trivial matters.

In times of distress, the patient tended to maintain a calm demeanor, either sitting quietly or seeking solace in sleep. Interestingly, despite the individual challenges he faced and his own coping mechanisms, the overall atmosphere at home remained serene, marked by an absence of loud arguments or quarrels among family members.

Initially, the patient did not find support from his friends, and he faced the challenges of his circumstances without external assistance.

However, he eventually succeeded in establishing and developing his ironwork business after overcoming numerous years of struggle.

When asked about his physical symptoms, he reported normal hunger, a daily intake of 5-6 glasses of water, cravings for sweets and alcohol, and no current complaints related to urine, although he had a history of a kidney stone in the left kidney 5 years ago.

Sleep is troubled by stress. The patient exhibits a summer nature and has a low tolerance for heat. Preferences include the use of a fan and bathing with cold water.

Ask some more questions: – How is your anger?

I often experience anger over trivial matters, but I refrain from expressing it outwardly. Occasionally, I entertain thoughts of wanting to slap or scold the individual who has caused me distress.

My sleep is often disrupted, but I choose not to confront the person responsible for it. Interestingly, my anger naturally diminishes within 1-2 days. Regarding my wife’s nature, she is a calm and understanding person.

She is incredibly supportive of me and my endeavors. Despite hailing from a wealthy family, she exhibits a remarkable lack of complaint and remains content in our shared life.

The patient’s symptoms suggest a deep-seated grief stemming from the loss of his father. His introverted nature and reluctance to share his feelings with others indicate a syphilitic miasm.

Symptoms associated with Aurum Sulph medicine can manifest in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The patient exhibits a desire for open air, yet paradoxically, symptoms may also intensify in open air. A prevailing sensation of tension throughout the body is noted, and symptoms tend to exacerbate upon touch.

In certain instances, both exposure to heat and cold can exacerbate the issues, leading to weakness and exhaustion. The complaints also intensify during the winter season.

The individual exhibits symptoms of being absent-minded, irritable, and experiencing confusion, particularly in the morning and aggravated by mental exertion. Additionally, there is a pronounced sense of timidity, even cowardice, with a strong aversion to life and a fear of being in crowded places.

Aurum Sulph has proven to be highly effective in addressing chronic complaints linked to grief. The patient exhibits a heightened sense of hunger, coupled with a desire for beverages like coffee, soft drinks, and milk. Notably, there is a symptom of morning sweating accompanied by mild fever.

In the case of weakness and other associated symptoms, the patient was administered 2 drops of Aurum Sulph 30 three times a day. Remarkably, within a span of two weeks, the patient experienced significant improvement, and currently, there are no lingering complaints.

This is the case of a rare medicine Aurum Sulph. This was my attempt to highlight the importance of rare medicine in our practice.

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