Topi Heal Cream Uses & Benefits [ Homeopathic Cream For Cuts & Scrapes ]

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Topi Heal Cream: Usually there is a First Aid Box in homes, and there must be a healing cream in that box so that when any part of the body gets cut, peeled or burnt, that cream can be used to heal. Homeopathic healing creams are very effective and provide quick relief. You can keep this cream in your first aid box so that if any family member suddenly needs it, he can use it to heal his injury. If there is excessive bleeding from the cut, this cream also cures that problem. The name of homeopathic healing cream is :-

Topi Heal cream:- This cream is manufactured by WSI and many homeopathic medicines are mixed in it, with the help of which its quality becomes very good and it is widely used, these medicines are:- Echinacea, Calendula and Millefolium.

Calendula :- This medicine is a very effective antiseptic. If the skin gets cut or peeled on any part of the body, the use of Calendula helps in healing that injury very quickly. With its use, the wound heals very quickly and its scar also disappears, meaning the skin does not get damaged.

Millefolium:- If bleeding does not stop after a cut and bleeding continues, then this medicine is very beneficial in that problem. This medicine helps in stopping bleeding and is also helpful in drying the injury quickly.

Echinacea:- If there is an injury anywhere on the body, virus, bacteria or fungal infection starts occurring there, this medicine cures this problem and prevents their growth in the wound. Its use kills bacteria, fungus or virus present in the wound.

With their help, whatever kind of wound occurs starts drying up very quickly and gets healed. Be it a child, an adult or an elderly, everyone can use it and can heal their wounds with its use.

Topi Heal Cream
Topi Heal Cream

Method of applying Topi Heal cream: – Wherever you have a wound or injury, first of all clean it with Calendula Officinalis Q. To clean it, take the help of cotton so that it gets cleaned properly and does not cause much pain. You should also keep Calendula Officinalis Q in your first aid box as it helps in cleaning the wound. After cleaning the wound, wait for two minutes and apply Topi Heal cream thoroughly on the wound. You have to do this work three times a day. Any type of wound heals within three to six days, then you should stop applying it. After that the scab also comes off and he gets completely cured. Use it even if pus comes out from the wound, clean the pus with Calendula Officinalis Q and then apply the cream. With the help of this cream, the wound heals quickly and the pain also reduces.

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