Adrenalinum 30 ( Adrenaline) Uses, Materia Medica And Side Effects


Adrenaline is a hormone secreted in our body. It is responsible for quick and instinctive reactions of a person in a situation that calls for physical survival.

It helps you take the actions you need in case of extreme situations. It is associated with the ‘flight or fight’ concept in psychology. This means that this hormone will decide whether you are strong enough to fight the situation, or you need to run away from it.

About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is produced in the glands of the body. The gland has two sections and is situated on top of the kidneys.

Adrenal cortex, the outer part of the gland, secretes cortisol and aldosterone. Cortisol regulates metabolism while aldosterone helps control blood pressure.

The adrenal medulla is the inner part of the gland, which generates the adrenaline hormone. Adrenaline is the hormone that takes over when there are do or die situations in your life. They bring out the keen instincts that will help a human survive through stressful situations.

Health Issues Cured By Adrenaline

Emergency situations: Adrenaline is used to treat allergic reactions in an emergency. This means that it can be injected into a patient in case of emergency till the patient receives proper medical care.

It reduces the swelling caused by allergic reactions and helps improve breathing quickly.

Diabetes: Adrenaline regulates the salt and water content in the body. They do this as the glands are close to the kidney and they send signals to the kidneys to release the excess water. This is very helpful to diabetes patients to avoid the side effects of insulin.

Heart diseases: This drug slows down the pulse rate momentarily. This helps patients of heart diseases to make the heart muscles stronger. It is known to restart the heart after a cardiac arrest if it’s injected within a few minutes of the heart attack.

Nerve-related diseases: Adrenaline is a potent neurotransmitter. This means that the nerves start working fast with this drug. This allows the brain to work more quickly.

Respiratory diseases: This drug helps asthma patients to breathe comfortably. It is known to give relief from bronchospasm.

An injection of Adrenaline helps:

  • To avert life-threatening allergic reactions.
  • To avert allergen related reaction
  • To recover from the shock that is caused by bacterial infections
  • It dilates the pupils during an eye surgery
  • It helps in fibrillation of the ventricles in the heart
  • To cure asthma attacks that are severe and prolonged
  • To activate the heart if it has stopped
  • To Improve the blood pressure if there has been a sudden drop
  • It works as a local anesthesia

Precautions and Side Effects

Adrenaline, when taken in excess, effects the functions of the heart. It might also make a person react very strongly to typical situations, which may be harmful in the long run.

The drug should be stored very carefully as it gets spoiled if it comes in contact with water or oxygen.

Adrenaline is that drug which has to be used cautiously and only as per the doctor’s prescriptions.

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