Homeopathic Medicine For Food Cravings

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This article will explore an individual’s distinct preferences for food items, aiding in the selection of the appropriate medicine.

Homeopathic Medicine For Food Cravings

Excessive desire to eat pickles – found in Antim Crud, Lachesis, Sulphur, Veratrum Album.
Excessive desire to eat eggs – found in Calcarea Carb.
Excessive desire to eat raw potatoes – found in Natrum Carb, Oleum
Excessive craving for citrus fruits – found in Ars, Cistus and Veratrum
Desire to drink hot things – Arsenic, bryonia, Lac- Caninum
Desire to eat fatty foods – found in Arsenic, Hepar, Nitric-acid, Nux Vomica and Sulphur.
Desire to eat lime, slate, clay – found in Alumen, Calcarea carb, Cicuta, Nitric Acid and Nux Vomica.
Desire to eat cold food – found in Phosphorus and Pulsatilla
Desire to drink warm milk – found in Abrotanum and Natrum Sulph.
Desire to drink cold milk – found in Phosphorus, Rhus Tox and Tuberculinum.
Desire to eat salty things – found in argentum-nitricum, Carbo Veg, causticum, Natrum Mur, Phosphorus.
Desire to eat cheese – Argentum nitricum, Cistus, Ignatia amara and Pulsatilla
Desire to eat ice – found in Elaps, medorrhinum, veratrum album.
Desire to eat fish – found in Natrum Mur, Natrum Phos and Phosphorus
Desire to eat meat – found in Ferrum Met, Graphites, Mag-Carb, Natrum Mur, Sulphur.
Excessive desire to eat sweets and sugar – found in Argent-nitricum, China, Lycopodium, Sulphur.
Desire to eat ashes – Tarantula

Desire to eat soil, coal, ash

Nitric Acid 6 – Use it when you want to eat chalk, soil or lime.

Tarantula Hispania – Give this if you feel like eating ashes or sand during pregnancy.

Alumina 6, 30 – It is beneficial in case of desire to eat coal, chalk, coffee, tea, pickle, chutney and indigestible food.

Cicuta 6, 30, 200 – It is beneficial in case the child wants to chew coal after putting it in the mouth.

Desire to eat or eat tobacco

Caladium 3, 6 – It is beneficial in removing the desire to eat tobacco.

Tabacum 200, 1M – This medicine removes the desire to smoke cigarettes.

China 3, 30 – It is beneficial in eliminating the desire to smoke.

Nux-vomica 3x – To satisfy the urge to eat tobacco, give it every three hours.

Camphor – If there is a strong desire to eat tobacco, then chewing small tablets of camphor calms it down.

Arsenic 30 – It is also beneficial in removing the habit of eating or drinking tobacco.

Strophanthus 6x – It removes the desire to smoke tobacco and calms the restless heart of tobacco smokers.

Desire to eat opium

Avena Sativa Q – To calm the desire to eat opium or hashish, giving five to ten drops of this medicine two to three times (after half an hour) achieves the desired result and one gets rid of the habit of eating opium. This medicine should be consumed by adding twenty grams of it in water.

Chamomilla 30 – If symptoms of irritability, anger or intolerance appear due to quitting opium, then this medicine should be consumed.

Desire to drink alcohol

Sulfuric Acid Q – As per Dr. Farrington’s recommendation, two to three drops of the root extract of this medicine should be mixed with half a glass of water and administered at intervals of two to three hours, in a quantity of one teaspoon per dose, until a dislike for alcohol is established in the patient’s mind. It’s worth noting that the use of this medicine may lead to mouth ulcers, and diarrhea may also occur. If diarrhea ensues, administering ‘Pulsatilla 30‘ helps alleviate it. When blisters develop, the use of Sulfuric Acid Q should be halted until they subside, and it can be resumed as needed to curb the inclination to consume alcohol.

Quercus-Gland Q, 3x – Dr. Clark recommends adding ten drops of the original extract Q of this medicine to a small teaspoonful of hot water and consuming it three to four times a day. This approach aids in cultivating a distaste for alcohol.

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