Homeopathic Medicine for Colic Pain


Homeopathic Medicine for Colic Pain

Allium cepa (Four times a day): Colic of a little baby with cutting and tearing pains. It screams and cries.

Aloe soc. (Four times a day): Colic before and after stool. Pulsating pain around the navel. Pains around navel worse by eating or drinking. Diarrhea may or may not be present. Great accumulation of flatus and the abdomen feels full, heavy, hot and bloated.

Arsenicum alb. (Four times a day): Colic on account of eating decayed food. Burning sensation in abdomen. Feeling of restlessness and cold.

Belladonna 200 (Thrice a day): Gall stone colic. It withstands repetition at short intervals. Pains are violent, come and go, and come again and go.

Berberis vulg. Q (Thrice a day) 10-20 drops in ½ cup of water: Renal colic especially when the left kidney is involved.

Bryonia alba 200 or 30 (Thrice a day): Food lies like a stone in the stomach. Stools hard – constipated. Desire to lie quietly.

Calcarea renalis. (Thrice a day): Pains around navel which are burning.

Carbo veg. (Thrice a day): Abdomen bloated. Feels better by belching and passing gas.

Chamomilla (Thrice a day): Colic from a fit of anger or colic in children from wind and flatulence.

Chelidonium 1000 (One dose only) Repeat after a week: Gall stone colic, in which it gives immediate relief.

Chininum ars. (Thrice a day): Chronic colic, periodical at certain hours of the day.

Cholesterinum 3x (Thrice a day): If there is no relief or little relief after taking Chelidonium, give this remedy for gall stone colic. It can be repeated every hour till the colic goes.

Cimicifuga (Thrice a day): Pain in the hypogastrium.

Colocynthis (Thrice a day): Pains round navel which are better by hard pressure and warmth. Colic from a fit of anger is relieved by the use of this medicine. Pain in the abdomen causes the patient to bend double. The more severe the pain, the more indicated is this remedy.

Dioscorea (Thrice a day): Severe colic. Pains radiate from abdomen to back, chest, arms. Better by walking about. Flatulent colic.

Graphites (One dose daily): Pain in the upper part of the abdomen. The patient is constipated and the stools are hard.

Ignatia amara (Thrice a day): Hysterical colic.

Ipecacuanha (Thrice a day): Colic with diarrhea and vomiting or nausea.

Jalapa (Thrice a day): Colic in children with diarrhea and vomiting. The child cries constantly.

Kalium bich. (Thrice a day): Pain spasmodic, soon after eating.

Kalium carb. (Thrice a day): Stitching pain, worse with movements, especially before menses.

Lycopodium 1000 (One dose only) Repeat every 3rd day: Renal colic when the right kidney is involved.

Magnesium phos. 12x (Four times a day): Colic. Pains are throbbing and burning and are relieved by pressure and warmth. The patient passes wind constantly during the pain. Baby folds his legs over his abdomen.

Mercurius sol. (Thrice a day): Colic on account of dysentery.

Nux vomica (Thrice a day): After over eating or over drinking or eating a rich meal and due to sedentary habits.

Polygonum sag. 2x (Thrice a day): Colic on account of the suppurative kidney. The pain travels along the spine.

Pulsatilla nig. (Thrice a day): Pain after discharging excessive flatus after taking rich fatty foods. Better in open air.

Senna 6 (Thrice a day): Very useful in the colic of infants. Child seems to be full of gas and is generally constipated. Stools may be hard and dark or fluid, yellowish with colic before passing.

Stannum met. (Thrice a day): Cramp-like colic around the navel with a feeling of emptiness in the abdomen. It is relieved by lying on the abdomen or by a hard pressure on the abdomen. The child stops crying when carried with his abdomen on the shoulder.

Staphysagria (Thrice a day): Colic after abdominal Surgery. Chronic colic of children with much prostration and better by motion and straightening of the body.

Veratrum vir. (Thrice a day): Colic with soreness above pelvis.

Viburnum op. (Thrice a day): Pain in the lower abdomen usually connected with menstruation.

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