Homeopathic Medicine for Vomiting


Homeopathic Medicine for Vomiting

Aethusa cyn. (Thrice a day): Vomiting after drinking milk.

Amygdalus per. Q (Thrice a day): Very useful in all kinds of nausea and vomiting or morning sickness or vomiting in pregnancy. Children do not digest any kind of food which is vomited out.

Antimonium crud. (Thrice a day): Vomiting after eating or drinking due to indigestion. After nursing, the child vomits milk in curds, refuses to nurse afterwards and is very cross.

Apocynum can. Q (Twice a day): Excessive vomiting. Nausea with drowsiness. Food and water is immediately ejected. Dull, sinking feeling in the stomach. Oppression in epigastrium and chest with difficulty in breathing.

ApoMorphinum Q (One dose only): The chief power of this remedy is that it produces vomiting. 25 drops in a little water will cause full vomiting in 5-15 minutes. It is used when some poison has been swallowed and is still lying in the stomach.

Aquilegia vulg. (Thrice a day): Vomiting after menopause or hysterical vomiting.

Arsenicum alb. (Thrice a day): Vomiting of all kinds of foods and drinks due to acidity, especially after eating and drinking. Vomiting maybe easy and violent. Diarrhea may occur with vomiting.

Belladonna (Thrice a day): Incessant, uncontrollable vomiting.

Carbolicum acidum (Thrice a day): Constant belching, nausea and vomiting of dark olive-green matter. Vomiting due to a cancer in esophagus or stomach.

Cina (Thrice a day): Vomiting with worm symptoms.

Cocculus ind. (Thrice a day): Vomiting during travelling by bus or car.

Crotalus hor. (Thrice a day): Vomiting after menstruation.

Euphrasia (Thrice a day), Bryonia alba (Thrice a day): Clearing throat of mucus in the morning causes vomiting.

Ferrum met. (Thrice a day): Vomiting immediately after eating.

Geraninum (Thrice a day): Relieves vomiting in gastric ulcers. Give half dram dose, thrice daily in a little water.

Hydrophobinum (Thrice a day): Vomiting at the sight of running water.

Ipecacuanha (Four times a day): Good for all kinds of vomiting.

Iris vers. (Thrice a day): It is a good remedy for the habitual vomiting of babies.

Kalium bich. (Thrice a day): Vomiting after drinking beer.

Nux vomica (Thrice a day): Vomiting in the morning after drinking whisky at night.

Phosphorus (Thrice a day): Vomiting after an operation.

Plumbum met. (Thrice a day): Continuous and violent vomiting of food or of greenish or yellowish or blackish matter with violent pains in the stomach and abdomen. Vomiting of bile or blood. Vomiting of fecal matter. Colic, constipation.

Pyrogenium (Thrice a day): Coffee ground color of vomit.

Symphoricarpus 200 (Twice a day): This is a routine remedy for cure of persistent vomiting of pregnancy and nausea during menstruation. Nausea is worse by motion.

Sepia (Thrice a day), Colchicum autum. (Thrice a day): Vomiting during pregnancy.

Stannum met. (Thrice a day): Smell of cooking food causes vomiting. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach.

Staphysagria (Thrice a day): Vomiting due to insults inflicted upon her.

Thyreoidinum 3x (Thrice a day): Vomiting of pregnancy. Give a dose early in the morning before the patient gets up.

Valeriana (Thrice a day): Vomiting due to anger in nursing women. Child vomits curdled milk after nursing.

Veratrum alb. (Thrice a day): Thirst for cold water which is vomited out as soon as it is swallowed. There is violent retching with cold perspiration on the forehead during and before vomiting.

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