Homeopathic Remedies for Breath Related Diseases


Homeopathic Remedies for Breath Related Diseases

Arnica mont. (One dose only): Fetid breath as of bad eggs. Bitter taste. Mouth is dry and thirsty.

Aurum met. (One dose only): Bad smell from the mouth of girls at puberty. Taste bitter and gums ulcerated.

Borax (One dose only): The breath smells mouldy. Mouth and tongue ulcerated. Mouth feels hot and tender.

Bryonia alba (One dose only): Frequent desire to take a long breath to expand his lungs.

Carbolicum acidum (One dose only): Fetid breath and putrid discharge.

Crocus sativus (One dose only): The breath has an offensive, sickly smell.

Elaps cor. (One dose only): Thick, offensive, dry, green-yellow crusts form on the back of the mouth producing a very foul breath.

Helleborus (One dose only): Horrible smell from the mouth.

Mercurius sol. 200 (One dose daily): Bad smell from the mouth during fever or when suffering from pyorrhoea. Gums swollen. Saliva increased and is fetid. Bad Odour from the mouth, fills the whole room in which he is sitting.

Natrium cacodyl. (One dose only): Foul smell from mouth and breath.

Nitricum acidum (One dose only): Putrid breath, great salivation.

Nux vomica (One dose only): Bad Odour from the mouth after dinner. Breath smells sour.

Petroleum (One dose only): Odour of onions from the mouth after eating raw onions or otherwise also.

Pyrogenium (One dose only): Horrible breath like rotten, dead fish. Taste terribly fetid.

Quercus 3x (One dose only): Smell of feces or flatus, discharged from the bowels, in the breath.

Sinapis nig. (One dose only): The breath is offensive and smells like onions.

NOTE: There are thousands of living organisms in the mouth and some of them produce a fetid smell. A common bad breath producer is anaerobic bacteria which lives in the tiny crevices of the tongue. Experts have estimated that 1000-10000 live on the surface of a tooth in a clean mouth. People who do not clean their mouth, tongue and teeth properly have more of such bacteria. Saliva checks the growth of bacteria but during sleep, saliva production almost ceases and bacteria go on multiplying. Thus many people complain that they have a bad breath in the morning on rising. Many mouthwashes are available in the market. All of them contain alcohol. They help for an hour or two and their excessive use produces more bad smell than it was before their use. The best way to stop bad Odour from the mouth is the immaculate oral hygiene by brushing the teeth properly twice daily along with cleaning of the tongue by a tongue cleaner. Homeopathic remedies can do the rest of the work to stop bad breath. It is caused by stress, throat and sinus diseases, smoking and alcohol drinking.

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