Bothrops Lanceolatus 30c Uses, Materia Medica And Side Effects


This medicine is apt for patients who are physically weak, suffering from too much laziness, excessive bleeding, dirty fluid, half body paralysis, hemorrhage, hoarseness and black flecks. Bothrops lanceolatus is also used in case of shivering of the ligaments, accumulation of blood in the lungs and pain in the right toe. This medicine cures the above symptoms.

Symptoms Of Bothrops Lanceolatus

Skin problems

Bothrops Lanceolatus cures swelling of the skin, coldness and blueness of skin, anthrax, gangrene, swelling and malignant lymph vessels.

Symptoms of the eyes

Bothrops Lanceolatus cures weakness of vision, bleeding cornea, amblyopia, and possibility of blindness and enhances vision.

Face related problems

Bothrops Lanceolatus cures swelling and bloating of face and this medicine increases the facial glow.

Stomach related symptoms

This drug is the best remedy for back color vomiting, blood vomiting, bloating of stomach, pain in the upper part of the stomach and loose motions accompanied by blood.

Special use

This medicine is very effective in curing poisoning mainly in snake bites and if the patient suffers from fever. The patient suffers from swelling of nerves, dryness of skin and pain in the whole body.


The symptoms are increased by bending and also by sleeping on the right side.


You can compare Bothrops Lanceolatus to Toxicophis.


Use this drug in 3 to 6 potency to cure diseases.

If the patient suffers from acute pain, gangrene, swelling and bleeding of poison then one must use Tranchinas of Bothrops Lanceolatu on the affected part.

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