Homeopathic Treatment For Cataract

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In this article, we will discuss the homeopathic medicine to cure the problem of cataract:-

In this disease, a kind of water starts descending on the pupil of the eye, which gradually accumulates. The patient feels that his pupil has been covered with a veil. After about two to three years, this water becomes very hard like a stone, due to which the patient’s vision stops completely. In this stage, the only treatment for cataract remains the operation, so the patient should start the treatment in the first stage itself. Whenever you feel that the pupil has become like a veil, and it remains constant, then go to the doctor and start treatment. If your doctor told you that you are going to have cataract, then you should start taking the medicine I have prescribed.

Cineraria maritima eye drops – This is a patented eye drops made by several laboratories with the same name or similar name. There are many more such as WSI’s Cineraria Maritima Eye Drop or SBL Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drop or Haslab – Scm Cineraria Maritima Eye Drop. Everyone’s composition is almost the same, so you can use anyone. At the onset of cataract, two drops of this medicine should be instilled in both eyes thrice daily for several months continuously. This will stop the growth of cataract and that which has already formed will also start cutting. Even after the cataract has healed, it should be inserted for two more months. Like we told that this medicine has been made by many companies but it should be taken from a good company. The thing to be kept in mind is that if the cataract has become old and has fully ripened, then this medicine will not give any benefit. So use it only in the initial symptoms.

Calcarea fluorica 12x – Taking this medicine provides relief in glaucoma. This medicine prevents the hardening of cataract. Also, the eye drops that I told earlier should also be kept in the eyes.

Zincum sulph CM – Some doctors say that it is beneficial to give only one dose of it in simple cataract. But if the cornea becomes opaque in cataract, it is beneficial to give one dose of the medicine i.e. only 2 drops at a gap of two months. By giving this medicine, the cornea becomes transparent again. Due to which cataract is cured. Therefore, along with the rest of the medicine, take 2 drops of zincum sulph CM potency every 2 months. CM is the highest potency, so it is being said only once in 45 to 60 days.

My experience – Calcarea fluorica 12x, kali mur 12x, natrum sulph 12x, silicea 12x – By using these four medicines four times a day, there is complete benefit in eyesight, reduced vision and cataract etc. in three to four months.. Also take 2 drops of zincum sulph CM every 2 months. The rest of the eye drops have to be put.

Many doctors give physostigma or santoninum innumerable medicines after hearing the disease of the eyes, this medicine will do the job of increasing the eyesight, but the curtain that has gone up will go away with my medicine. So take my medicine regularly, it will cure the initial stage of cataract.

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