Homoeopathic Treatment For Eardrum Rupture/Perforated

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Homoeopathic Treatment For Eardrum Rupture: Similar to other organs in the body, our ear holds significant importance. It enables us to hear and respond to what people communicate. The ear is segmented into three parts. The outer part is the area where we occasionally clean by inserting a finger or other objects. In the middle part, there are three bones, and the internal part contains nerves. Infections in the outer and middle parts can lead to pain. In some cases, the eardrums may rupture, causing the discharge of pus. In medical terms, this issue is referred to as a Perforated Eardrum.

Primary causes for the rupture of eardrums

Frequent occurrences of ear infections can lead to the rupture of the eardrum, often caused by the repeated accumulation of pus in the ear. Additionally, forceful impacts to the ear, such as a severe blow or injury, can result in the eardrums bursting. Exposure to extremely loud sounds is another factor that may cause a tear or hole in the eardrum. When the ear is subjected to a sudden, intense noise, the eardrum may be unable to withstand it, leading to its rupture.

Signs and Symptoms observed when the eardrum ruptures

If there is a perforation in the ear, there will be a recurrent discharge of pus, leading to a persistent ear infection. Hearing capability diminishes until the eardrum heals, and a ringing sound may also be experienced. In the case of a rupture in the internal part of the eardrum, symptoms such as vomiting and dizziness may additionally manifest.

Homeopathy medicines for perforation in the ear

Ledum Palustre 30CH: This remedy proves to be highly advantageous in the restoration of perforated eardrums. It is also known for its efficacy in treating ear infections. The recommended dosage is two drops of this medicine to be taken three times daily.

Pulsatilla Nigricans 6CH + Kali Muriaticum 6CH + Silicea 6CH: In cases where yellow-colored pus with a foul odor is discharged from the ear, Pulsatilla proves to be a highly effective remedy. If there is continuous or intermittent pus discharge accompanied by pain, Kali Mur is known to be an effective medicine. Silicea aids in the rapid drying of pus and is also effective in treating the infection, expediting the healing of the eardrum. These three medicines should be taken in 6CH, mixed in equal proportions, and stored in a separate CC. Consume three drops of this mixture three times a day.

Hepar Sulfur 200CH: This medication is advantageous in promoting the rapid healing of the eardrum by facilitating the drying of pus and also addresses the infection to prevent any recurrence of eardrum rupture. Consume two drops of this medicine once in the morning.

Note:- You need to consume all three medications when the eardrum bursts, maintaining a gap of at least 15 minutes between each. The treatment should be continued for a period of 3 to 6 months. Visible improvements should be observed within a month. These three medications are readily available at homeopathic stores.

Questions and answers about perforated eardrum (FAQ)

Can Ledum pal and hepar Sulfur be used with Perforated eardrum? Can there be any problem by using it together?

You can use both together, there will be no problem.

Can I use Silicea as a preventive measure, so that I do not have any problem of Perforated eardrum in future?

You can use it to remove perforated eardrum. It is better not to take stress.

I have a perforated eardrum in my right ear. Can I use all the medicines?

Yes, you can use it. For more information, also consult a homeopathic expert.

If I consume alcohol after taking the medicine, will there be any change in the action of the medicine or can there be aggravation?

We know that every homeopathic medicine is made from alcohol, so if you consume alcohol after taking the medicine, then its action will definitely get hampered. If you consume alcohol, definitely inform your doctor about it.

Does the medicine for Perforated eardrum have any side effects?

There is no side effect from the use of Perforated eardrum medicine.

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