Homeopathic Medicine for Hair – Premature Greying


Homeopathic Medicine for Hair – Premature Greying

Hair contains a black brown pigment and a yellow red pigment. The amount and distribution of the pigments determine the hair color. When the secretion of the pigment is lessened, the shaft of the hair whitens. Normally hair gradually greys then whitens as people grow older and the quantity and distribution of the pigment decreases. This is determined by heredity. Stress or illness may also affect the formation of pigment. How to stop it is discussed below:

Acidum phos. 1c (One dose only) Repeat every 15 days: Hair thin out and turn grey early and fall out.

Lycopodium (Thrice a day): It is specific for premature greying of hair.

Natrium mur. (Thrice a day), Phosphorus (Thrice a day): Use of either of these remedies when indicated or otherwise also stop further premature greying of hair after diseases.

Pilocarpus 1000 (One dose only) Repeat after 15 days: If the hair is greying prematurely due to dryness of the scalp, the use of this remedy stops it by stimulating natural secretion of the scalp.

Thyreoidinum 3x (Thrice a day): It stops premature greying of hair due to thyroid diseases. It also helps to restore the natural color of hair not turned completely grey.

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