Homeopathic Medicine For Open Pores


Open Pores is a big problem nowadays for many of us and it increases by age. In our post, we will learn about the open pores and the homeopathic medicines for its cure.

We all know that we have pores in our facial skin which maintains the oxygen level and removes the toxin from it. This micro pores are not visible but it brings glow to our skin. When this pores become visible and are big then it is called ‘Open Pores‘.

Generally, people who have oily skin and those who sweat more, suffers from open pores. If your parents had open pores then one of the main reasons of you suffering from it can be Genetic also.

Your skin should always be clean and you should take special care of your skin. If you do not take care of it, you are more engaged in dirt and do not wash your face properly then the chances of open pores increases.

Mental Stress can also be one of the reason for open pores. The other reasons for open pores are more stress, having irritable temperament always and angry nature most of the times.

Now how will you identify whether you have open pores or not? In open pores you will be able to see small holes in your face which is not that visible but for few people, it is more visible which brings down the glow of your skin. There are no symptoms for open pores which means that you will not have any kind of pain or itching. The open pores begins to look more bigger by time and age, if present for more time in the skin.

Homeopathic Medicine for Open Pores

We will learn about the homeopathic medicine which will cure the problem of open pores completely if used continuously.

Silicea 12x – Silicea 12x is one of the best medicine for open pores. It is prescribed to those who have more open pores and whose skin looks dirty because of it. It helps in reducing the open pores very quickly. The result will be seen sooner if you take 4-6 tablets of Silicea 12x for two times a day.

Marks Go Cream – You can make it out yourself the uses of this cream from its name ‘Marks Go Cream‘. This cream remove the marks and also help in reducing the open pores. For better results, wash your face properly and then apply this cream on the pores before going to bed at night.

Topi Berberis Cream – This cream is available for many companies outside but it would be advisable to consider the WSI company for better and quick results. You need to apply this cream for 2-3 times a day. This cream makes your facial skin healthy and cures, if you suffer from pimples and acne most of the time. It is also effective for open pores.

SBL’s Calendula Cream – This medicine is effective for healing your skin. You need to apply this cream for 3 times a day. It also helps in covering and levelling the pores properly. You can mix Topi Berberis Cream and SBL’s Calendula Cream and use it.

It is advisable to use this medicines for at least 3 months so that your open pores gets cured completely.

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