Reckeweg R6 Influenza drops For Cold, Flu, Bronchitis


Reckeweg R6 is also known as Influenza drops. If you catch cold, have cough, fever or viral fever, mucus coming out of the nose, having severe headache along with fever or you feel feverish then this medicine is very useful.

Components of Reckeweg R6: Aconitum D4, Bryonia D4, Camphora D3, Causticum Hahnem D6, Baptisia D4, Eupator Perfol D3, Ferrum Phosphoric D8, Gelsemium D6, Eucalyptus D3 and Sabadilla D6.

As mentioned above, if you are suffering from cold, fever and cough then this medicine is very effective. Also, when you feel feverish and your body aches a lot. If there is URTI, LRTI, pleurisy, infection or swelling in the upper layer of heart then you can consume this medicine. Due to climate change when you feel weak, feverish, suffering from cold and fever etc then Reckeweg R6 is the best to consume.

All the components of Reckeweg R6 has its own benefits and uses which is very important for us to know. Let us learn about all these below:

Baptisia: This medicine is effective specially for typhoid fever. It is also useful if someone is suffering from cough, cold, fever, weakness and have pain in hands and legs.

Bryonia: It is also effective for cough, cold, fever however, if you have pain in the body and feel feverish then it is more useful which means when the fever starts coming.

Camphora: This medicine is also known as Kapoor and this is used as an antibiotic for the problems mentioned above. This medicine is present in reckeweg R6 and also increases the immunity level of your body.

Eucalyptus: When you have mucus formed and it settles in your throat and also have weakness and headache then this medicine is useful.

Causticum: When you suffer from cough, have inner fever which you do not realise then you can use this medicine.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: This medicine is very effective in dengue fever. Also when you feel feverish, have pain in your body and joints.

Ferrum Phosphoricum: This medicine is useful when you are suffering from fever, weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness etc. This medicine is mixed in Reckeweg R6 and I recommend to take this medicine in 3x potency.

Sabadilla: It is useful when you have extreme cold, you keep on sneezing continuously and also headache with cough.

Aconitum: If you had caught cold and sudden fever due to cold breeze or if you get sudden fever then this medicine is useful.

Gelsemium: When you feel feverish, body ache, fever due to infection in the body, shivering in hands and legs, etc then you can use this medicine.

All this medicines are present in Reckeweg R6 which is useful in curing cold, cough, viral fever, etc.

Doses of Reckeweg R6

If the disease is new then take 10-15 drops of Reckeweg R6 in half a cup of water in every half an hour. When it gets cured then continue this medicine for the next 2-4 days and take 10-15 drops in half a cup of water for three times a day so that it gets cured completely. Please consume this medicine half an hour before a meal.

Reckeweg R6 is available in any of the homeopathic store in a 22 ML bottle which costs only 220 INR.

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