Homeopathic Remedies for Alcoholism & ILL Effects Of Alcoholism


Homeopathic Remedies for Alcoholism

It may be noted that no help can be given to a patient who has no desire to leave such a habit. In such cases, hospitalisation is necessary to keep a strict watch over the patient so that he cannot consume alcohol. The following medicines may be tried in both the cases when the patient has a desire to abandon the habit or when the patient is admitted in the hospital and is under strict watch.

Acidum sulph. Q (Four times a day): 5 drops in a dose in water, four times a day removes craving for wines and brandy. A dose may be given when the craving starts.

Angelica Q: 5 drops in a dose, three times a day produces hatred for alcohol products.

China off. Q (Twice a day): It removes craving for alcohol in drunkards who wish to reform. Give 10 drops in water twice a day.

Phosphorus (One dose only), Quercus (One dose only): The use of this remedy takes away the craving for alcohol.

Sepia, Gelsemium (One dose only): Give alternately, four times a day. It takes away the longing for beer.

Silicea (One dose only): Cannot tolerate alcoholic stimulants and they cause this or that discomfort.

Sterculia a. Q (One dose only) 10 drops in ½ cup water: Its use lessens craving for liquors.

Strychninum nit. 3x (One dose only): Removes craving for alcohol, in any form, when used three times a day for 3 weeks or for a lesser duration till the craving stops.

Sulphur 200 (One dose daily): One dose per day in the morning if a person has a great desire to drink alcohol all the time. Wants to drink from morning till evening or till awake.

Syphilinum 1M (One dose only) Repeat after 1 month: One dose a month to correct the hereditary tendency to alcoholism.

Homeopathic Remedies for ILL Effects Of Alcoholism

Arsenicum alb. (One dose only): Helps reduce the ill effects of excessive alcoholism.

Calcarea ars. (One dose only): Use it for all complaints remaining in drunkards who have now abstained themselves from drinking.

Carboneum sulph. (One dose only): It is very useful in patients broken down by abuse of alcohol. Impotency, sick headache, color blindness, etc. are cured by this remedy.

Carduus mar. (One dose only): Liver troubles, pain in liver, constipation alternating with diarrhoea, caused by use of alcoholic drinks, specially beer, are corrected by the use of this remedy.

Chimaphila (One dose only): Its use helps removal of renal and hepatic disorders in chronic alcoholics.

Gelsemium (One dose only): This remedy is surely indicated when all the complaints of a patient are relieved by the use of alcoholic stimulants.

Gelsemium (One dose only): It cures nausea and vomiting after drinking beer. It is specifically useful for ladies. Nux-v. is more useful for men.

Nasturtium 200 (One dose daily): Cirrhosis of liver.

Nux vomica 200 (One dose daily) Preferably evening hours: It cures restlessness and giddiness after heavy drinking. It also cures vomiting after drinking.

Pulsatilla nig. (One dose only), Petroleum (One dose only): Use of either remedy cures vomiting immediately after drinking.

Quercus Q (One dose only): Its use removes the bad effects of alcoholism and takes away craving for alcohol. Dose, 10 drops.

Ranunculus bulb. (One dose only): Cures, coma due to heavy drinking of alcohol and other bad effects of alcohol.

Secale cor. (One dose only): Insomnia due to the intake of alcohol.

Silicea (One dose only): The person cannot tolerate any alcoholic stimulant as it produces this and that discomfort.

Strophanthus Q (One dose only): It is a useful remedy for treatment of patients who have a morbid and uncontrollable craving for alcoholic beverages. Give 5-10 drops, three times a day.

NOTE: Alcohol should not be used by pregnant women. Even occasional serving of alcohol can lead to physical deformities, mental retardation, learning disabilities and some other problems in the offspring. There is no safe level of alcohol use during or when planning a pregnancy.

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