Homeopathic Medicine For Chronic Anxiety, Depression And Fear


Nowadays, people are frequently asking about the problems related to stress and depression. Most of us are suffering from any kind of anxiety which is a severe and major mental issue of health and needs to be treated well. In fact, many people are scared of a bit stressful situation and even feel insecure to get off their comfort zone.

In most of the cases, people in anxiety become conscious about the surroundings, and other people around them. They always think people are staring weirdly at them and just talking about them always, which is a myth. Depression is caused due to many situations and circumstance, many of the people who are incredibly thoughtful about their career also become stressful in the same.

However, students are also prone to stressful moods in relation with career and students which enables concentration. It is also observed that many people start behaving weirdly and keep thinking about something else. People in depression also faces mood swings and are fearful of certain aspects.

Below we have mentioned some of the homeopathic medicines, which will definitely help you out to cure your depression, stress, and anxiety. These medications will also help in keeping mind cool and relaxing.

  1. Rescue Remedy Drops: Take 30 potencies of this medicine is recommended every morning and evening in the dosage of two drops at a time.
  1. Ignatia 200: It is recommended to guzzle it in 200 potencies in the dosage of just two drops only at night.

The second drug is the Ignatia 200, to take it in 200 potencies.

  1. Passiflora Incarnata Q: This particular medicine is recommended to be taken in Mother Tincture. Add 20 drops of Passiflora Incarnata Q in half cup of water and take it three times a day for reliable results.

All of the above mentioned homeopathic medicines are excellent to cure anxiety, depression, stress and other kinds of mood swings.

Important Questions and Answers Related With Homeopathic Medicines:

Question: What should be the time difference between the dosage of two homeopathic medicines?

Answer: The difference between the dosage of two medications should be at least 10-15 minutes.

Question: When to take homeopathic medicine, before food or afterward?

Answer: It is recommended either take it an hour before having food or later an hour after the meal. Homeopathic medicine needs the empty stomach to get it fully absorbed.

Question: Is it possible to take allopathic medicines with homeopathy medicines together?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, it will not harm and won’t side effect either.

Question: For how many days, these three homeopathy drugs are recommended?

Answer: These three homeopathy medicines need to be consumed for at least for two months under proper dosage.

Question: How to take these medicines, with water or else like this?

Answer: Those medicines that come in dilution form are of 30, 200 and 1M potency and needs to be taken as droplets on the tongue and other with mother tincture are prescribed with water only.

Question: What should be avoided while taking homeopathic medicine?

Answer: If you are consuming homeopathic medicines then minimize the intake of lemon, onion, pickle, garlic vinegar in the diet.

Question: Is there any sort of side-effects of homeopathic drugs?

Answer: Not at all, you can consume this medicine without any hesitation.

Question: Which company is manufacturing the best of homeopathic medicines?

Answer: You can take medicines from any of the three homeopathic drug companies: WSI, Sbl, Reckeweg.


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