Homeopathic Treatment For Tailbone And Coccyx Pain

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In this article, we will learn about homeopathic medicine to cure the problem of pain in the coccyx, also called tailbone, if you also have this problem then this article is very useful for you.

It is common to have pain in the coccyx. Often, when falling from a high place, there is pain due to injury to the tailbone and the muscles around it. Due to excessive driving of two wheelers, injury to the tailbone, this pain remains constant and the person remains restless. The two main homeopathic medicines to cure it are ammonium muriaticum and phytolacca decandra. I have seen that often the pain is relieved by giving a single dose of medicine. If the disease is acute, it has happened recently, then you should use 30 potency of Ammonium muriaticum and phytolacca decandra. Here I have talked about phytolacca decandra 30, phytolacca decandra and phytolacca berry are two different medicines. Drip 2 drops of Ammonium muriaticum and Phytolacca 30 CH on the tongue thrice a day for a few days. If the problem is chronic, then you should take these two medicines in 200 CH once a day for a few days.

There are some other medicines for this problem like Arnica, hypericum and ruta, this medicine also works well, but I can say from my experience that Ammonium muriaticum and Phytolacca are the best medicine for the problem of pain in Coccyx. Take this medicine once and experience it, you will definitely get the benefit.

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