SBL Euphrasia Officinalis Homeopathy Benefits, Uses, Symptoms, Dosage And Side Effect

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The name of this medicine is also ‘i-bright’, which means bright eyes. This name is important because its main action is on the eyes. The areas of operation of this medicine are as follows –

Main Characteristic symptoms and major diseases

  • In eye disease – Irritating secretion of tear from the eye and non-irritating secretion from the nose (inverse of allium cepa)
  • Nasal disease in colds – Eye-irritant secretion and non-irritant nasal secretions
  • Cough troubles the day, not at night.
  • Comparison of euphrasia, arsenic, cepa and merc in cold and cough
  • Menstruation lasts for one hour only.
  • useful in varicella.
  • useful in cataract

(1) In eye diseases – The main effect of this drug is on the eyes. A large amount of irritating, effervescent secretion flows from the eyes. There may or may not be a cold with this. If there is a cold with it, the secretion that flows from the nose is not going to irritate. There is such a pain in the eye, which reaches the head, feel as if there is a particle of sand or dust in the eye. Dry eye irritation, a bite-like experience. Itching of the eye in which the eye wants to rub hard and excessive amount of water comes out of the bowels, swelling of the eye, eyeball, opaque of the cornea due to injury to the eye, eye drops, redness etc. This drug is useful in every eye disease, in which tears in the eye become irritated.

(2) In nose disease – Secretion from the nose with non-irritating secretion – as this drug is useful for eye diseases, in the same way, it is also useful for colds. Sneezing comes, a lot of water flows from the nose. In this catarrh, non-irritating nasal and eye-irritating secretion flows. This cold causes a lot of pain to the patient after lying in bed at night. After a few days, this cold spreads further towards the respiratory tract, and cough starts coming from the upper part of the respiratory tract. ,

(3) Cough troubles the day, not at night – The characteristic of its cough is that it comes only during the day and not at night. The day is also dry, but usually remains wet. We know that cough often brings more of the night, but its cough does not come at night, so the symptom is ‘wonderful-symptom’.

(4) Comparison of Euphrasia, Arsenic, Cepa and Merc in cold and cough – Until Cepa (onion) was detected in homeopathy, Euphrasia was given only in the symptoms of water flowing from both the eyes and nose, but Comparing the two drugs, it was found that in Euphrasia, there is irritation from the eye and water without irritation from the nose. In cipa it turns upside down, that is, burning water from the nose and without burning water from the eye. Euphrasia has its effect on the eye, Cepa has on its nose. If arsenic comes out of the nose, burning water, then it gets relief from compress, a lot of mud comes out of the eye in merc sol.

(5) Menstruation lasts for one hour – A peculiar symptom of this medicine is that menstruation lasts for only one hour, or occurs late, occurs little, lasts only a little, or Only one day ends.

(6) Varicella – It is as potent as pulsatilla in varicella. Although pulsatilla is used more in varicella, euphrasia also has amazing properties in this disease.

(7) Cataract – Many patients with cataract have been cured from Euphrasia.

(8) Potency – External use of basic extracts; 3, 6, 30, 200 for inner uses.

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